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Good people Di Maio victim of goats?

Di Maio victim of goats?

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Easter holidays have reserved at least three nasty surprises for Luigi Di Maio:

  • a League secretary who, with Salvini's support, has no idea of ​​resigning despite being investigated;
  • Mayor Raggi blocked in an attempt to discharge Rome's public debt to the state;
  • the not encouraging news on the success of the citizenship income, which was to remove millions of Italians from misery and which instead will guarantee a few hundred euros a month to about half of the beneficiaries, much less than expected.

Bad news in the middle of the election campaign, with a League owner who proves increasingly demanding, a communications guarantor who expresses more than any doubt about the reliability of the Rosseau platform, which of the 5 Stars should be the soul, an economic situation that has already optimistic to define uncertain, a Prime Minister who does the best job he has assigned himself as a People's Lawyer, even if the people find it difficult to realize that they have a lawyer.

No wonder then the rumors that run, Di Maio would have gone to a well-known Neapolitan magician to make sure he was not a victim of any invoice: it seems that the news he had had not reassured him at all. The magician would have listened carefully to the exposition of the facts and in the end would have launched a sort of general appeal to all the forces of nature with which he is in contact. The only one to come forward would have been a crow, who would have told a strange story, flying he would have seen some figures snatch the tender son from a goat, delivered to a Neapolitan family who would have been identified for that of Giggino, to be sacrificed at the lunch oven Easter. The goat, blinded by the pain of the loss of the kid, would have gone, according to the crow, to the great goat, the goat sage, for advice on revenge.


The suggestion (three twigs crossed at midnight, under the full moon pronounce some goat sounds) would have been followed by the goat. The origin of the three pentastellate troubles would be precisely those three crossed twigs.

Is it an absurd, far-fetched, black fairytale thing? Maybe, but is the pentastellato program a different thing?

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