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Editorials by Giampaolo Sodano Di Maio complains: the "grillini" speak short and circumcised ...

Di Maio complains: the "grillini" speak short and circumcised ...

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SODANE - The popular demonstrations of Rome and Turin are the clear and unequivocal expression of a growing malaise of some sectors of the national community which expresses an equally clear protest against the pauperist policies of the 5-Star League government and against the evident incompetence and the inability of a political staff called to government responsibility for the nation or important cities who demonstrate every day that they are unable to fulfill this role.

PACELLI - In fact, it seems that the Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, political leader of the 5 Star Movement and of course his delegation to the Government, is complaining about the behavior of some (too many!) Of his ministers who are proving to be much less efficient than those of the League . It is no longer just the case of the Minister of Infrastructures Toninelli, who yearns for a new bridge in place of the collapsed Morandi bridge which is also a meeting place for citizens, or of the Minister for the South Barbara Lezzi who has increased from 360 to 370 degrees around the corner without going through a deliberation by the Council of Ministers, or by the Minister of Health Grillo, accused of wanting to modify an existing law with a circular: now we also put the Minister of Justice Bonafede with a declaration on the prescription that defining confused and contradictory is already praising it. In Parliament it is no better: now there are those who, like Davide Tripiedi, take the floor by announcing that it will be "short and circumcised", touching the lack of communication. All true: however, it is equally true that the Grillina political class was recruited by the now famous Rousseau platform with online primaries that allowed the movement to propose candidates who were absolutely unprepared as political figures, even if they lacked any culture of public affairs, unable to exit from the juniper of words often spoken without even knowing their meaning.

Davide Tripiedi
Davide Tripiedi

SODANE - I think the time has come to look elsewhere: we cannot continue to make the censors of all the shit that these so-called citizens commanded to govern bring out one day and the other as well. We must address our criticism to those political formations and to those leaders who with the controversies against the so-called caste or with sensational political errors have actually favored the emergence of the fascist forces and that still today show that they are not capable or able to build a real opposition and to offer those who took to the streets a political perspective.

PACELLI - Di Maio is learning at his expense that politics is much more complicated than working at the San Paolo stadium in Naples: being honest (or at least declaring oneself) is not enough: you also need to be able to govern a complex society like the current one with a political program that is truly such and does not resemble the sack of the Befana that never brings the gifts it hoped for, especially when it has little money to spend. Don't worry Di Maio: it ends soon ...

SODANE - You are an incurable optimist! but since I have known you for many years I think yours is rather a wish. And on the other hand it cannot be otherwise: you have certainly seen that cartoon in the Corriere della Sera in which the leaders of the PD celebrate the acquittal of Raggi who avoided the use of the ballot box. It is clear to everyone that the PD, a never born party, to put it in Cacciari, has now come to an end. You have to get off the bus and take another one. Out of metaphor, the sooner a new flag is found, the sooner a new container is identified the better it will be for democracy and the well-being of our country.

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