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News preview On the front page today 23/10/2018

On the front page today 23/10/2018

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On the front page today 23/10/2018

Tria explains to the EU that the maneuver does not change. Safe rejection, with the following • Salvini's triumph in Trentino Alto Adige, with the disappearance of the Democratic Party and Forza Italia. Problems with Zaia? • Italy under storms • The water of Mars can host life • There is a caravan of thousands of migrants marching from South America to the United States: will Trump send the army?


Ha-Joon Chang claims that the most important invention of the twentieth century was the washing machine. Not the internet? «No, the washing machine. The washing machine appeared a hundred years ago, the internet barely twenty-five. The washing machine took longer to exert its influence on the world. It revolutionized the way women cleaned. It gave them back their free time which they could use to work and have an income, obtaining more autonomy. This changed the social balance ».

The most important invention of the last 1.500 years? “The steam engine. In comparison, the internet doesn't seem that important. And the invention of the computer was more significant than the invention of the internet. The steam engine was more significant than the plane or Amazon. Novelties seem innovative to us only because we have already accepted the inventions of the past. Many new solutions, such as Uber, have been possible largely due to the fact that many countries have softened labor laws and made it possible for sole proprietors to exist. The trade has also changed because the drivers responsible for deliveries alone cover the costs of their absence, for example due to illness. Without these people, online businesses would not be so profitable »[Joanna Sosnowska, Gazeta Wyborcza, later taken up by Rep, translation by Monica Rita Bedana].

Ronaldo: «The truth will come out»

On the eve of the Champions League match in England against Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo showed up at the press conference and decided to speak for the first time since 16 July. When asked about the rape charge presented by Kathryn Mayorga, the Portuguese first tried to dribble the question: «I know that I can set an example on and off the field, I always smile, I'm happy, I feel blessed. I play for a fantastic club, I have a fantastic family, I have health, well-being, the rest does not disturb me ». Then, urged, he replied: "I am confident and so are my lawyers, in the end you will know the truth and this is the most important thing".

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