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Leafing through the New York Times On the momentum of "Black Lives Matter", the public quickly moved ...

On the momentum of "Black Lives Matter" the audience quickly moved to the left

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Leafing through the New York Times of 11/06/2020

On the impetus of the "black lives matter", the audience quickly moved to the left. "Black lives matter" (literally: "black lives matter") was - and still is - the motto and the sign of all the marches and crowd gatherings that occurred in reaction to the assassination of George Floyd and previously, of other police misdeeds. American public opinion is generally very stubborn. But the “black lives matter” movement for Floyd was an exception from the start. In the last two weeks, support for “black lives matter” has increased as much as in the last two years, according to an opinion research by the Civiqs agency and now the majority of Americans support the movement. Other research shows a notable increase in unfavorable judgments for the police and the belief that African Americans suffer many forms of discrimination.


  • Troops shaken by war tactics on city streets. The National Guard is usually deployed in cases of hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters, while on June 5.000, over XNUMX guards were sent to the streets of Washington to quell / dispel substantially peaceful unrest. This decision has had a very negative effect on the morale of the troops, and has been strongly criticized by parliamentarians, army officers and guards themselves.
  • Biden is no stranger to condolence or consolation. A collection of messages of condolence from early youth to 2008 emerged from Biden's office, confirming one aspect of his personality: affection, participation, solidarity. Struck himself by many deaths in the family (the first wife with daughter in a car accident, a 46-year-old son from cancer), always very open to consolation. The two entire central pages with reproduction of his messages of condolence and of those received for his losses.
  • The central bank president says that economic hardships can last for years. He predicts that millions of people will be out of work for a long time, and that unemployment will be 9.3% at the end of the year.
  • Foundations resort to heavy loans to support an exhausted nation. In 2019, the Ford Foundation disbursed 520 million in donations to non-profit institutions, but this year - said President Walker - it will not even be possible to approach such a figure. His solution: ask for loan money, spend it quickly and inspire others to do the same.


  • Debate on the numerical level of the American troops. The United States is under pressure to reduce the number of military personnel stationed in Iraq as ISIS attacks increase.
  • Accepting the disease in the reopening. India, Mexico, Russia, Iran and Pakistan have decided that they must end the closings and revive their economies despite the increase in virus cases.
  • Trump fights over the names of the bases. The president rejects the idea of ​​giving new names to military bases called with names of officers of the Confederate army (that is, which in the civil war represented the classes favorable to slavery).
  • The gallery at La Guardia. Terminal B of the completely renovated La Guardia airport (the second in New York) has been inaugurated, with the installation of great works of art by famous sculptors.


They are crazy about saffron. A look at the spice collection in Abruzzo. It is a bit funny that an Italian and glutton like me should discover from an American newspaper that one of his favorite spices, saffron, does not come from those exotic countries always printed on packages bought at the supermarket, but FROM ABRUZZO. Well yes'. With lots of photographs and a detailed description of the harvest and the very delicate subsequent treatment, it turns out that saffron is grown, harvested and sold in Novelli. It is the country's only stable entry for about 500 years, the seed imported from Spain. To give an idea of ​​the difficulty of this activity: it takes over 4.000 flowers, treated petal by petal, to obtain just over 20 grams of saffron powder.  

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