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Good people The onion and pecorino pizza of Sor Giovanni. Mouth-watering!

The onion and pecorino pizza of Sor Giovanni. Mouth-watering!

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Pizza onion and pecorino der Sor Giovanni, 2 poor but genuine ingredients for a mouth-watering pizza.

Sor Giovanni was a strange type: as fat as a fat man can be, almost bald, round ball eyes, always in a bad mood, he was a baker of rare intelligence and rarer generosity.

In the dark years of the Second World War, when bread was rationed like all foodstuffs in Rome, assuming they were there, his shop for "bread, pasta and pizzicheria" was a sort of refuge for the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

Challenging the German SS, the PAI (Italian African police) who collaborated with them, the inspectors and any other checks, turned a blind eye, if not both, on the fake bookmarks, printed in a small typography located in a cellar : those who, through a chain of complicity, came into possession of it, could be sure that Sor Giovanni would transform those small coupons of gray paper into bread and pasta necessary to feed themselves.

He was also a very skilled baker: the bread from his oven, made of water and bran, even managed to be eaten before becoming a bitter and sticky paste.

The recipe der Sor Giovanni: onion and pecorino pizza

After the war, normalcy returned, white wheat flour finally reappeared, Sor Giovanni was able to give space to all his professional ability: among his specialties a type of white pizza whose recipe he had learned when he was a baker's boy of Genzano, a town near Rome famous for its IGP bread today.

The recipe was very simple bread dough, packaged with sourdough (i.e. with a little dough of water and flour left to sour), spread on a large pan, covered with onion cut into thin slices, seasoned with a drizzle of oil and put in the oven. When it was almost cooked, the pizza was extracted, sprinkled with grated pecorino and then placed back in the oven for a couple of minutes, the time needed to allow the pecorino to melt.

Onion and pecorino pizza
Onion and pecorino pizza. Photo credit: Dulcisss in the oven.

The result was worthy of all respect: the pizza der Sor Giovanni was really up to a professionalism today more and more difficult to find even as regards a very simple pizza.

Sor Giovanni, you were good!

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