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Diary of a quarantine Only in a book

Only in a book

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Di Maria Pia Ciccariello

Sooner or later I'll tell you,
I perceived my emotions too late
I made them mine in a time not marked by the hours but only by silences
where there is only me and a chandelier
I understood late, about you
of you who have always been by my side.
Each step taken with you was a lifetime
every dessert you chose was a riddle,
we had fun throwing it there,
under the scorching sun
on a Sunday in March.
You had the short-sleeved blouse and the usual jeans,
the usual perfume, the usual hair
the usual smile, from the first day I met you in a "wrong" room.
I spent my days running, thinking about myself and my job, I called you when I needed
when I wanted advice
when I needed help with my dad,
I used to call you on your cell phone even when you were away,
distant but close hearts.
Your voice was enough
to cheer me up and tear me a smile.
When you came back to our world,
made of chairs in front of a bar and lemon cake
my heart was beating, a rose I gave you
bought by the best florist in the city.
Now I can't do it anymore,
Now that the world has brought me
away from you
now that you're in those warm blankets in your comfortable apartment with a view
you do not need me,
of my pretensions, of my doubts.
But I need your words
to shake your hand
to embrace you my friend,
to walk on the bridge with the duck pond
Sunday afternoon after ever chatted amicably with friends.
I can only look at you from a misted glass while it rains and recognize your face among many balconies.
We are closed in two parallel worlds,
in two separate white pages
you don't know what i want to tell you
you know nothing, live in the innocent illusion
from sunrise to sunset.
I still hear your words and I hope that one day sooner or later you will listen to what I want to tell you.

Only in a book
Only in a book

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