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Uncomfortable diary Only those who seek popularity among the unwary exult for war

Only those who seek popularity among the unwary exult for war

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Only those who seek popularity among the unwary exult for war

It is death, destruction, mourning for everyone, even for those who believe they are safe. It is wiser to condemn it, not only for the sacredness of life, especially for the consequences that can result. It only attracts retaliation without any convenience. We would not even have the ability to defend ourselves. If we are the only country in Europe so far spared by terrorism, it is because even Islamic fundamentalism has respect for the friendship that has tied Italy to the Middle East for millennia, even before it became Muslim. So there are only risks in applauding those who neglect the political solution.

Soleimani funeral
Soleimani funeral

I have known many powerful men and others very rich, but none of them happy

Boris Johnson campaigned ensuring significant economic growth thanks to Brexit. He will likely keep his promise by charging the British the other way. All politicians are now committed to lowering taxes and increasing income. Today voters are foolish enough to be sensitive only to money. Nobody wants peace and love, well-being and prosperity, a world without drugs or violence, without hatred and crime, nor tragic accidents for sixteen-year-olds. Hopefully they won't keep their commitments. If not, we will all be very rich but unhappy.

Is it true that eating cotechino and lentils on New Year's Eve brings good luck?

The pig has always been considered a symbol of wealth, being its fat more nutritious than the others. That's why piggy banks are shaped like a pig. When in 1511 Mirandola, a city full of farms, was about to succumb to the siege of Julius II - so the popes then propagated the faith - in order not to leave the beasts to the aggressors, before fleeing they slaughtered them. To conserve the meat, they stuffed it into the paws of the same animals. And the zampone was born. Lentils resemble the rustic minting of the first coins. By eating them, sooner or later they seem to turn into money.

At the first disappointment, the door is slammed and the jacket changed, in which hands we ended up

On Fioramonti, those who resign as ministers and from the party have no dignity only because they have not been satisfied. She should now also leave parliament, as she is unable to do politics. He says well: the country is in serious difficulties. But it should be she who resolves them, who instead leaves the government. Go back to Pretoria where perhaps you are free to abandon your commitments, while continuing to pocket € 16 a month. It 's true, you can not belong to P3 or to other seven not being reliable. These organizations precisely because they are outlawed cannot affiliate irresponsible people.

The Pope kicked and punched a woman who wanted to snatch his ring

In "Destination Piovarolo" Totò is awakened in the middle of the night by the news that the mountain has collapsed on the tracks. The arrow is coming with a minister on board and he makes her stop. Then it turns out that, in reality, it is only a stone, which - from one mouth to another - has become an avalanche. The stationmaster is fired in the trunk. The Pope has been the victim of the same exaggeration in these days. To free himself from a woman who tugs his aching arm, he pats her on the hand, which, even if there is a TV shot, becomes a violent slap. It is a new opportunity to denigrate the pontiff.

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