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Letter from London: Open for business

London: Open for business

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson experienced a week of announcements last week. On live television, he announced that he expects the first s of vaccine will already be administered starting from the second week of December. Weak groups and doctors + nurses will be the first to be able to use them. AstraZeneca at the same time made it known that it had liquid vaccine for one billion doses.

This allowed us to shift our gaze further. It allowed England to plan afterward. An upcoming vaccine announcement makes it difficult to keep the population on a leash, especially a recalcitrant and free population like Britain's.

And so Boris the blond continued in the ads:

  • £ 16 billion of investments in the Royal Navy, to restore the Navy to its former glory and to revitalize the shipyards of the north, bent by unemployment since the XNUMXs.
  • At the same time, again in the defense sector, the National Cyber ​​Force was launched, the first British technological army, dedicated to countering telephone signals via blocking, hacking enemy systems, and server attacks on hostile countries.
  • Another £ 12 billion has been announced for a green investment package, with the aim of making the country completely carbon-neutral by the year 2050.

All targets have been raised, bringing to 40GW for offshore wind farm installations, ie on the high seas; as well as vetoing all traditional combustion cars that can no longer be sold in England from 2030, 10 years ahead of schedule.

To prevent the money from these aids from going to traditional Chinese producers, the government has signed an agreement with General Electric, which will build wind turbines in the land of Albion, creating 60.000 highly skilled jobs and the same number of assembly and labor. .

For the aviation and hospitality industries in general, quarantine will be reduced to five days, but perhaps even less if travelers undergo a rapid test for the virus.

For public health, interventions and investments are countless. The vaccine itself financed with British money is the real victory of the country.

Having made the industrial policy to recover from Covid and Brexit, the Government has traced a way out of the partial and total lockdowns from today to March 2021, the latest date on which the country predicts to get out of the virus problem forever.

Boris may or may not like it, but for the first time he returns to his ease and returns to more fertile ground for the British: doing.

Then I turn on the TV. I see a sweaty, coughing Prime Minister declaring he is "working for us." And nothing more. I hear that the vaccine is unsafe, that "who knows ..." precisely from those who should promote it. I hear that it is best to keep children at home with schools closed until March, to prevent the Third Wave. But we will soon be banning 100 million syringes. Empty?

Then I see the data, with a public debt exploded by a further tens of billions of euros, of which no one is aware and of which no one sees neither traces nor relapses.

And we talk about Christmas, the dinner in six or seven. "No kisses or hugs to loved ones", just like I impose on my children.

And I realize I'm back in Italy.

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