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Free Thought Ouch serve Italy ... of cowardice hostel

Ouch serve Italy ... of cowardice hostel

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The attention of the people, as was natural, was focused, during the Covid19 pandemic, on the health and political aspects of the situation.
The human, philosophical, "custom" profiles have remained in the shade, and it is not bad to dwell on them.
There are some of a planetary nature. The atomization of social life, already underway since the moment of "globalization", has reached its pitch, with the physical isolation of individuals as well: each closed in his own cell; at the beginning a frenzied use of the computer, a considerable increase in emails and text messages with the exchange of videos, notes, opinions and then an increasingly widespread, resigned silence.

There has been a collapse in the value of the human person: the individual has become a number in the statistics of the infected, the healed, the deceased; ongoing pain has become punctual; from concrete and limited to a defined number of people it has become impersonal, mass.
Other aspects, especially of "malpractice", were felt in Italy by those who lived there (not being able to exclude, in an abstract line, that they also occurred elsewhere). 
The inhabitants of the Peninsula, in the most acute phase of the Corona virus, blatantly denied Giosuè Carducci who had defined them as a "dead popul"; they have shown, on the contrary, to be a people very attached to life and to fear death much more than all the other inhabitants of the planet: if it is true what they have told us that they have hid themselves at home like in no other place on earth .

The Italians did not contradict, however, Dante Alighieri.
Slavishly, they agreed to transform themselves from "citizens" into "subjects" in no time. The rulers had not taken into account their exceptional love of life and used, for two millennia, to consider them as sheep of a flock they imposed on them: 
a) to accept the humiliation of prohibitions, bizarre and incongruous, issued in profusion and contained in innumerable, clumsy and incomprehensible provisions, with humiliating self-certification requirements;

b) to suffer that such "masterpieces" of aberrant idiocy were imagined and written by a conspicuous "team" of collaborators of the prime minister completely without knowledge of a correct use of Italian (only as a result of this, they could define " social distancing ", the need to observe and maintain a physical space between two people);

c) to endure that "a man with the insane intention of being alone in command", speaking of constitutional freedoms, certainly preceding the assignment he received for italic (and elsewhere unknown or despised) political alchemy, euphemistically called "institutional" raised his finger, saying, as to a rebellious schoolchild: I will allow you, I will allow you, I will grant you and so on;

d) to tolerate that threats of "closures" of commercial establishments, services and returns to the extent of "house arrest" also came from obscure teachers (of an Academy that would have horrified even the cynical Plato for the excessively uncritical treat to the verba magistri, demonstrated “just to“ go up to the chair ”) and by self-styled experts whose name, as it is easy to predict, will return to anonymity and deafening silence when the pandemic is over;

d) dulcis in fundo (or, rectius: in cauda venenum) of having to suffer the shameful conformity, with few exceptions, of the national mass-media system. For days and days, pennivendoli dozen have repeated, using large letters for the titles of their articles, the same categorical and absolutist imperatives, given to "self-certifying subjects" by leaders (so to speak, of course) politicians, virologists, epidemiologists, infectious diseases. And this demonstrating an unhealthy tendency to share their irrepressible "delirium of power".
Only a few citizens had the sensitivity of free men and to reject the very idea of ​​such a soporific and supine subjection to the Chief.

There were those who, completely unheard, shouted against the incongruity and arbitrariness of many bans imposed on the populations of Regions that had a very low rate of contagion.
However, the Italian tendency towards the Byzantinism of perfect symmetries prevailed. To reasonable requests for diversified measures, it was argued that uniformity of treatment prevented the "flock" from falling into anarchy!
A deep mystery about what the Italians could have done in the second homes so different from what they had done in the first has haunted (and continues to haunt) the minds of those who have not brought their brains to clutter and persist in wanting to understand the reasons of such immense stupidity.

Question: What justifies the persistent validity of Dante's verse on "servant Italy"? 
Answer: all the ideologies, which with "their" respective, indisputable and axiomatic "truths", present in Italy for two thousand years now, useful for the "misrule" of simoniacal popes and at the center of dark intrigues of the Curia, of Monarchs and tyrants of various dictatorial ferocity, have produced the miraculous effect of convincing the Italian "flock" not to believe the apodictic affirmation of its possible immunity from the virus, but to pay homage to the otherwise "enlightened" words of a whole infinite series and progressively growing of "anonymous" and "unknown catastrophists" to whom the Coronavirus has given moments of unimaginable and unpredictable notoriety.
After the pandemic is over, it will be interesting to know, in addition to the number of people infected, the healed and the deceased, the people who have appeared on video or interviewed in the press.

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