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June 23, 1985 is the last day of the presidency of Sandro Pertini. I was not yet born but my mom tells me about him as an authoritative, uncompromising man, able to rekindle trust in institutions thanks to his faith in the principles of freedom, democracy and respect for people.

He fought fascism, he was imprisoned, he fought, always carrying on his ideals, endangering his life. Indro Montanelli describes it thus: "Whatever he says or does, it smells of cleanliness, loyalty and sincerity".

He represented the state in all its facets. A united, pure Italy, aware of its beauties, of its unrepeatable soul, an Italy that struggled to grow without leaving anyone behind. An Italy that won the 82 World Cup with an euphoric President in the stands who cheered, proud to be Italian.

In these long years we have lost trust in institutions, we have lost ourselves in our false certainties, we have confused our essences with our appearances. We no longer know how to really fight for common change, we are satisfied or we fight only for ourselves, trampling on even our dearest neighbor, we distract ourselves with junk programs preferring judgment over understanding.

We do not respect those who give us life. We dry it up, pollute it, melt it, throw it to the fire destroying whoever the people. We call it Terra but we have completely lost touch with it.

Our beautiful Italy at the time of the coronavirus

But something has come to turn our lives upside down, destabilizing our daily lives, our certainties. 29 days have passed since Italy entered the war, a war never faced before. A battle without submachine guns and tanks, an enemy that hides in the air, in handshakes, in hugs, in laughter, in love, a tiny opponent who exploits our weaknesses to hit us subtly, up to take our breath away.

Is called Coronavirus, a respiratory virus that from the common cold can degenerate into pneumonia, bronchitis, high fever, dyspnoea and close the circle in a lethal and definitive way.

The risk cases are mostly elderly people, with chronic pathologies, with weakened immune systems, but all can be infected, the virus with its strong and angular crown tips does not look at anyone, infects anyone, with an estimated incubation of 14 days, it strikes, attacks and continues towards its goal.

On February 21 the first case in Italy was ascertained. It had to be a mild fever, nothing to worry about, manageable they said. At this precise moment when my fingers enter this text, the estimate of the dead has reached 2503 victims with 31 506 infections, a provisional number that will be upset only this evening.

Our wonderful Peninsula has become, also thanks to our usual political diatribes, in a very short time, the first European outbreak and the second in the world

The emergency is apocalyptic, national, worldwide

The Italian government has issued a decree #I stay at home, limiting, aggressive, necessary.

We all have an obligation to stay home. There are no runs to the park, open schools, queues in supermarkets, clogged streets. Each of us MUST STAY HOME to limit the infection as much as possible. For now 25 million euros have been allocated to cover health care, workers, air transport, education.

This is the time to be Italian, to remember what we really are, what we were in Pertini's time, the love for our land, our people, our Made in Italy economy, our solidarity that has brought such generous donations from part of private individuals that we never expected, our folklore, our smiles, our generosity in the worst moments.

We are playing our World Cup no longer on a football pitch but in hospital wards. Our players are nurses, doctors, all health workers who, without 90-minute shift changes, also endangering their own lives. They are fighting in the trenches for Italy, to win this unexpected and never played battle and we are only asked to stay at home, to watch their backs, to support them emotionally, to help them with our Made in Italy.

A virus that fortifies the soul

In the catastrophe we rediscovered ourselves together: young people who volunteer to shop for those who cannot go out because they are elderly, who help the municipality in the reclamation of the country, who care about those around them and are easily moved, who sing out loud about balconi Inno di Mameli, the songs of Rino Gaetano, silently applaud the medical staff, transforming the emergency into a tragicomic comedy that circulates on the web and tears laughter out of our unnatural days.

We rediscover one of the fundamental values, often overlooked: the family. (Photocredit: Sara Berettoni)

Our Prime Minister has pronounced a sentence that will remain indelible in our hearts and will be the testimony of our victory over school books:

Unfortunately something has gone wrong, but together we will still be able to get out of it, with new awareness, priorities, respecting life, the nature that now that man is helpless, immobile, she breathes, with the desire to embrace and love each other stronger than before .

#I stay at home
#iorestoacasa (photocredit: Sara Berettoni)


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