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News preview Our best wishes with Pope Francis' message of hope

Our best wishes with Pope Francis' message of hope

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Pope Francis' message of hope: “Here is the first Easter announcement that I would like to deliver to you: it is possible to always start over, because there is a new life that God is capable of restarting in us beyond all our failures. Even from the rubble of our heart God can build a work of art, even from the ruinous fragments of our humanity God prepares a new history. And in these dark months of pandemic we hear the Risen Lord who invites us to start again, to never lose hope. And here is the second Easter announcement: faith is not a repertoire of the past, Jesus is not an outdated character. He is alive, here and now. Walk with you every day, in the situation you are experiencing, in the trial you are going through, in the dreams you carry inside. It opens up new paths where it seems to you that there are none, it pushes you to go against the tide of regret and the 'already seen'. Even if everything seems lost to you, open yourself with amazement to its novelty: it will surprise you. We will be amazed at how God's greatness is revealed in littleness, how his beauty shines in the simple and the poor. And here is the third announcement of Easter Jesus, the Risen One, loves us without borders and visits all our life situations. He planted his presence in the heart of the world and invites us too to overcome barriers, overcome prejudices, approach those around us every day, to rediscover the grace of everyday life. Let's recognize it present in our Galilee, in everyday life. With him, life will change. Because beyond all defeats, evil and violence, beyond all suffering and death, the Risen One lives and leads history and, with him, life always begins again ”.

Best wishes for a happy Easter.

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