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Uncomfortable diary Panzironi fake news and controversy at all costs

Panzironi fake news and controversy at all costs

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It sells a long-life magical diet and thousands take it

Is called Life 120 the method of a charlatan who promises longevity over the century and in good physical and mental condition. Although the health authorities warn of the scam, many believe more about him than official medicine. He sells books explaining the method and pills that guarantee a centennial life. He is accused of boasting a degree he does not have, fined for misleading advertising and even expelled from the Order of Journalists. Every now and then a conference is held and patients arrive from all over Italy. They boast healings from diseases they may not have suffered from.

Panzironi to the Hyenas
Panzironi alle Iene, Italy 1.

That daddy's daughter we would like in prison in Lampedusa

I don't know if for € 1.500 a month it is really in the service of strong powers that have it in Italy. What is certain is that it violated the law. It is normal for her to be judged. Sinking the ship is useless malice, but the owner pays at least an appropriate fine, if due. Now, however, that some cowards insult her and want her impaled, it instinctively comes to me, as to anyone who has the slightest sense of justice and civilization, to defend her. We close ports precisely to protect our women from the violence of illegal immigrants. Is it right to wish a girl just because she has different political ideas?

Only the beating was missing but, let's not despair, maybe they will come

The fair play that we believed distinguished women's football from men's football did not last long. In the semifinal the Americans have already forgotten the sportiness that should differentiate them from that of the players. After the victory net, the attacker Alex Morgan teases the opponents by mimicking drinking the 5 o'clock tea. At the end of the match there was also an expulsion for the sum of yellow cards between the English that reminds us of the macho competitive spirit . We had deluded ourselves that the girls were better. Maybe they were amateurs, but in view of professionalism the two sexes tend to equal each other.

We must encourage lovers to reproduce

It is not the government's fault that many teachers - even professors - are left without placements. Italians no longer have children and the population, including the school one, is decreasing considerably. Consequently, there is a recession in the demand for apartments, in the production of cars, in the consumption of food. Employment in the sectors in crisis is falling. Only the number of retirees increases, who in a few years will exceed the young people who produce. In the last census of 2011, we were 60 million. We are reduced to 55, because the children emigrate and remain the elderly.

Few are now reading newspapers, better having fun creating controversy

Among the products damaged and made obsolete by technology there is not only the assembly line, but also newspapers. The print runs are reduced visibly, many have converted online. In fact, many newsstands close. There are those who read the headlines on the internet and fake news on FB. We are less and less interested in what is happening in Italy and in the world. This is why, in order to survive, some publishers are forced to sell themselves to the highest bidder. Others try to attract readers with alarming headlines, turning information into messages of terror. The controversies are stirred. Every man for himself.

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