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Free Thought Parallel convergences

Parallel convergences

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Pier Paolo Pasolini, in a press article later included (together with other short essays) in the "Scritti corsari" argued that if you have the ability to follow everything that happens, to know everything you write about it, to imagine everything that we do not know or that we are silent about coordinating even distant facts, of putting together the disorganized and fragmented pieces of a whole coherent political framework that restores the logic where arbitrariness, madness and mystery seem to reign; if, I add, you have the patience to find and grasp the connection that necessarily exists between different events, you can guess the truth.

The Friulian writer concluded: I know, because it is part of my profession and the instinct of my profession (of intellectual and writer) but I have no proof. I don't even have any clues.
Pasolini's masterful lesson is not followed at all by today's journalists. Most of their articles by political notists require a lot of effort to read because it is boring, uncritical and banal: it tells the facts without even trying to understand the reasons and the connections.

Let's take an example of these days. Yesterday, suddenly, a whirlwind of news broke out probably Fake. There have been "desperate" alarms, catastrophic forecasts, and final "warnings" to let the Italians know that "Hannibal is at the door". A general "mobilization" of our "patron saints" has been described, with almost apocalyptic tones, that of the great occasions: Monetary Funds of various entities, denominations and locations, Rating agencies and Academicians, Scholars, Economists, Experts, Political commentators . All the western mass-media apparatus entered fibrillation and, on a war footing, participated in the final confrontation on the MES (European Stability Mechanism) to counter a possible negative decision by Italy.

An unpredictable task force (?) In its composition has endeavored to convince the Italians that the European Union is only a worried and affectionate "mother"; that if he denied us the Euro-bonds it was for our good; that if Commissioner Ursula Von Der Layen recommended to her compatriots and Europeans in general not to plan holidays in Rimini, Riccione or around Italy it is only because she loves our country as herself (she is a social Christian and observes doing so, a divine commandment) and does not want our first episode of contagion to repeat (in Lombardy, by a German); that we must understand that our economic situation has become "desperate" (even if not through our own fault) and that it is, in substance, the "worst in the world"; that our GDP is plummeting (at the turn of the double figure, it is said, almost like Greece) and that, therefore, "it would be a sensational mistake to give up the MES today" which is a real "windfall" that always rains from Heaven European, benevolent and merciful.

Of course, so much concern and generosity some suspicions have engendered him, at least in the least corrosive part of our press. There are those who have observed that: Italy, even if it has a ramshackle and incompetent political class, even if it has the majority of its newspapers almost entirely subservient to the credit system (at least in the newspapers of greater circulation); even if the public broadcasting body (as in the rest of continental Europe) is only "the voice of the master" (government idest); even if the sovereign "people" have gradually renounced all forms of sovereignty ... the Tycoons of Wall Street and the City are very concerned, because occasionally some voices still come out of the choir and the choir itself is not always the silent one, with his mouth closed, by Nabucco.

Some have noticed the oddity of certain hugs (pro-MES): Prodi with Berlusconi, Zingaretti with Bersani, Bonino with Renzi, marveling above all the absence of Giuseppe Conte (probably only waiting for better times to "join his dear ", as GiulioAndreotti probably would have said).
There are also those who noticed that all the protagonists (in various capacities and at different times) co-responsible for the Italian economic and political disaster embraced each other.
Precisely, that is, of that political-administrative catastrophe that would have precipitated the country into the "shifting sands" of a perennial crisis, with growing and unavoidable tensions between national and local institutions, with permanent conflicts between businesses and unions and with worrying signs of unpublished also institutional disconnections.

The dissonant notes from the mass-media choir made the financial tycoons and technocrats of Brussels from beyond that fear that despite the cadenced notes of "Bella Ciao!" (the song that will likely be sung at the top of your voice by many "busy" balconies on April 25th) was not all calm on the Italian front.

And then Pasolini, making use of the instinct of his profession, would probably have caught some not quite casual connection between the fraternal embraces between traditional enemies (narrated by eager journalists with exhilarating words) and the face of the weapons shown to the Lombardy Region (trucid expressions for the facts of the Albergo Trivulzio and other rest homes for the elderly, excessive exultations, given the circumstances, for the guarantee notices aimed at identifying political and administrative responsibilities for the spread of the pandemic, severe frontal attacks on the leaders of the Region in League hands and so on).
The attack launched without exclusion of blows by the most committed mass media on the left with huge headlines suggests that the two events, that of the alarm on the country's dramatic economic conditions and that on the alleged misdeeds of the League (coincidentally, always opposed to the MES loan) are so closely linked as to appear "agreed" at the top.
To affirm it, however, even Pasolini would have added: there is no evidence; and not even clues.

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