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News and curiosities from the world Paris: thousands parade in homage to the professor beheaded by an eighteen year old

Paris: thousands parade in homage to the professor beheaded by an eighteen year old

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Press review from 12 to 18 October

On 17 October, the professor of history and geography of the high school of Bois d'Aulne, of Conflans-Saint-Honorine was beheaded by a student in the hinterland of Paris. The motive for the tragic murder can be traced back to some caricatures of Mohammed that the professor had shown in class a few days earlier.

The killer, an 18 year old boy, yelled "Allah Akbar" threatening the police with a knife. A gesture of revenge that was immediately published by the young man through the images of the act on Twitter, a few moments before he was killed by the police with ten shots.

In his tweet the attacker writes “From Abdullah, servant of Allah, to Macron, leader of the infidels, I executed one of your dogs of hell who dared to offend Muhammad. Calm his fellow men before a harsh punishment is inflicted on me "

The 18-year-old, of Chechen origin, was unknown to the media as a possible Muslim at risk of radicalization. They were carried out immediately after 4 arrests that report proximity to the aggressor's family circle and at a later time another 5 people, including the parents of a student of the murdered professor, were arrested.

The day after the professor's beheading, thousands of protesters took to the streets and marched in the city of Paris, paying homage to Professor Samuel Paty.


After about a month of lockdown, Israel is ready to leave, gradually. The data examined by the ministry of health report 2,8% of daily infections, 395 cases out of 14 thousand swabs.

A figure that must be considered with caution, considering that the number of tampons is always lower over the weekend. From what the second minister says, the condition has not improved totally and on average days one can expect up to 1500 infections a day.

Prime Minister Benyamin Nethanyau therefore spoke to the population, inviting them to maintain social distancing, taking the necessary precautions and avoiding gatherings. The ANSA data photograph the current situation with 673 seriously ill patients, 237 of whom are in intensive care, with a total of 33 active patients.


Amid the tensions in the eastern Mediterranean, northern Cyprus goes to the vote to elect its president in the ballot.

A separatist state recognized only by Turkey called to choose between two presidents, 72-year-old Mustafa Akinci, who supports reunification with the Greek-majority Republic of Cyprus, a member of the European Union, against Ersin Tatar 60, a right-wing Turkish nationalist.

Candidate Tatar, who now holds the role of prime minister in the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, advocates an opposite solution from his antagonist, a two-state government vision, fully supported by Turkish President Recep Tayyp Erdogan.

After Tatar won 32% of the votes, compared to Akinci's 30%, the second round ballot was activated. A race in progress, with a still uncertain winner, which currently sees Akinci supported by the Social Democratic candidate Tufan Erhurman with small steps ahead.


The country is suffering, for about ten days, heavy rains have continued undaunted, which have destroyed the Asian country, causing disasters and victims. The various landslides caused by continuous storms have submerged the city and caused the death of 90 people with 34 missing.

According to the declaration of the National Center for Disaster Management, in the central province of Quang Tri, 14 soldiers were killed with 8 still missing following an avalanche of mud that submerged the barracks of the fourth military detachment.

In the province of Thua Tien-Hue, another avalanche buried 17 workers and 13 soldiers who came to their rescue. A dramatic situation, which sees Vietnam facing one of the worst floods in recent years with 120.000 people forced to evacuate.

Even the neighboring Cambodia from October 1 finds itself to stem immense disasters caused by heavy rains that hit the capital and several provinces, causing at least eight deaths.


The death penalty is confirmed for Lisa Montgomery, who will be executed on 8 December. As announced by the Department of Justice, after 67 years, in Missouri, for the first time a woman will be executed with a lethal injection.

The woman was sentenced to death for murder and kidnapping. According to the woman's lawyers, her mental and psychological conditions were severely destabilized and compromised by the abuse inflicted as a child.

In 2004, the woman strangled Bobbi Jo Stinnett, pregnant in the eighth month, to death and opened her abdomen to steal her baby, passing it off as her own.


The world data recorded by the WHO sees the United States as the first country in the world for the number of new daily positives, followed by India and Brazil.

Naturally, concern continues at the European level which places France in fourth place, followed by England, Spain, then the Czech Republic and finally Italy. In the US globally, 24 new infections were recorded in 63.041 hours, with a total total of 8.106.752 infections and 219.29 victims since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

In India there are 62.212 infections in just 24 hours, followed by Brazil with 28.523. In South America, Argentina is worrying with 17.096 new cases every day. In the UK there are 15.635 cases, while in Russia 14.922. The position of the Czech Republic in Europe stands out, with 11.102 new infections per day. France, which announced a curfew from 22pm a few days ago, records a total of 24.724, followed by Spain with 15.186.

According to the WHO, Italy recorded 24 in 10.009 hours, with a total of 402.556 infections since the beginning of the pandemic and 36.474 victims.

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