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Network Pay for dinner and enjoy it as soon as the coronavirus emergency ends

Pay for dinner and enjoy it as soon as the coronavirus emergency ends

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Bet on the reopening of your favorite restaurant, once the coronavirus emergency has passed, to return to enjoy spaghetti carbonara, sautéed mussels and gourmet dishes by paying a convenient bill. In the US they have done so and now the trust mechanism on discounted credit is spreading also in Italy, so much so that next week Fipe, the Federation of public businesses, will also take the field. They are called 'Dining Bond' and were created to help the catering sector in current expenses, as all the premises had to close the shutters due to the containment measures imposed by the health emergency. They work like futures, a financial instrument in which the parties, in this case the restaurant and the customer, undertake to sell and buy an asset at a predetermined price at a future date, dinner in this case. In short, 'pay today at a discounted price for the meal you will eat tomorrow'.

The 'supportrestaurant.org' platform was created to aggregate the offer in the USA, but it does not sell bonds directly. These pre-reservations can be purchased directly by contacting the restaurant, with a 25% discount on the nominal value generally redeemable in sixty days. There are also many Italian futures, with various initiatives carried out by individual restaurants, mostly starred ones and foodies addresses listed with their offers on the Gambero Rosso website. There is no shortage of platforms such as 'SOS-Save on Seat' which, compared to the United States, offers a time frame to benefit from the meal for up to 1 year and various discounts; a site open not only to restaurants, but also to patisseries and bars that can be registered by creating their own 'voucher' from 10 euros up, depending on the average expenditure recorded during the year.

Next week the 'Ristobond' operation will start, as the platform that is currently completing Fipe will probably be called. “It will be an initiative halfway between the commercial and the solidarity - explains to ANSA the deputy director of the Federation Luciano Sbraga - to which many clubs will certainly also join those of the neighborhood. The winning weapon is the loyalty gained over time that pays off, we are sure of it ”. The transactions in this case will be made through the platform where each local will be free to modulate its offer which provides a 25% discount. The initiative supports a sector which, as the National Accountants Foundation points out, is affected by a contraction of € 8,3 billion, equal to -37% of turnover compared to 2019. At the regional level, the most affected is the Lombardy with a drop of 3,5 billion euros, followed by Lazio with a -2,7 billion euros and Veneto with -1,6 billion euros. "A sudden crisis for a growing sector", underline the Italian accountants.

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