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News and curiosities from the world Poland: the strength of women marches in Warsaw

Poland: the strength of women marches in Warsaw

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Press review from 26 October to 1 November

One of the largest demonstrations in support of women's rights was organized in the center of Warsaw, thousands have gathered in the center of the capital to protest against a discriminatory and uncivilized sentence that will soon become law.

The ruling of the Constitutional Court in question almost prohibits abortion in the event of a diagnosis of serious malformations of the fetus.

A greater restriction, considering that abortion in Poland is only allowed in case of life threatening for the mother, for rape or malformations of the fetus.

If the law comes into force, this last right will also be snatched from women and only for the first two cases, which correspond to only two per cent of cases, will it be possible to resort to an abortion in Poland.

In defense of the rights of Polish women, actress Kasia Smutniak took to the field, who on Instagram railed against the leader of the Law and Justice party Kaczynsky: "I saw that the decisions of her government have slowly changed the image of my Poland. What my parents fought for was trampled and raped. My children will pay the consequences of these gigantic setbacks. As a mother, woman, citizen of this country, I say Enough! "

However, the government criticized the demonstrations asking for help from the army. Demonstrations that are also prohibited given the restrictions to limit the coronavirus pandemic, according to which gatherings with more than 5 people are not allowed.

The national prosecutor has threatened to bring criminal charges against the organization of the protests for causing an epidemiological threat, leading to a sentence of up to 8 years in prison.

United States

A few days before the presidential election Donald Trump also lashes out against the actor Sacha Baron Cohen, or rather with his character Borat.

Some reporters asked Trump what he thought of some clips from the film Borat 2, especially in some embarrassing moments, where Borat meets Vice President Mike Pence and Rudy Giuliani.

Trump explained: “I don't know what happened, years ago he tried to frame me by pretending to be a BBC journalist. I was the only one who said, never ever! It's a fake. I don't find it funny. I don't know anything about him except that he tried to cheat me. For me it's a worm. "

Very strong accusations, to which Baron did not wait to respond: “Donald, I appreciate the free advertising for Borat. I don't find you funny either, yet the whole world laughs at you. I am always on the hunt for racist buffoons and after January 21, 2021 you will need a job. Let's talk about it! "


It could be considered a horror film, but sadly, what happened in Mexico is simple, sad and gruesome. A cemetery of about sixty corpses found in clandestine mass graves in the central region of Guanajuto. The discovery was made by a team of the Government Commission, the National Commission for the Search of the Missing.

Karla Quintana, the head of the Commission of the municipality of Salvatierra, testifies during a press conference the discovery of 59 bodies "The vast majority of the bodies seem to be young, some probably teenagers".

The most truthful hypothesis joins the possibility of a cemetery of drug traffickers, where the inhuman violence, among the drug cartels that characterize the state of Guanajuato, may have been buried secretly.


Chile changes the dictatorial constitution of the Picochet era with a referendum granted by the government after last year's protests.

According to the data reported by the local press the SI it obtained 78,28% of you, with a turnout of 50,83%. The Chileans also decided at 79,24% that the rewrite work will be carried out by a constituent assembly made up 100% of people chosen through the popular vote.

155 members of the Constituent Assembly will be chosen in the administrative elections of 11 April 2021 on the basis of a criterion of gender equality and with a representation of delegates of indigenous peoples.

The assembly will start its work in May 2021 and the result will be analyzed by a popular ratification referendum to be held in the second half of 2022.

If successful, the new Constitution will immediately replace the previous one.


The Labor Party suspended its former leader Jeremy Corbyn following an inquiry by the British Human Rights Commission into anti-Semitism within the party. The commission denounced various cases of "discrimination and harassment" against Jewish members and members. Of course Corbyn objected and challenged the report.


The international organization for migration announced on 29 October that at least 140 migrants died in the shipwreck on their boat off the coast of Senegal.

As reported by the International newspaper, the migrants were trying to reach the Canary Islands. According to the Spanish government, since the beginning of 2020, more than eleven thousand migrants have landed in the Canary Islands, up from 2.557 in 2019.

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