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News preview Polenta Festival of San Sebastiano

Polenta Festival of San Sebastiano

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The Triplets Villa Santo Stefano (FR) for the traditional festival of the polenta of San Sebastiano “with the rite of“ feeding the people ”. At Villa S. Stefano, every year on the occasion of the traditional "Feast in honor of San Sebastiano", the local Pro loco organizes with the patronage of the Municipal Administration an event not to be missed. This tradition, confused between history and legend, dates back, according to the minutes of the Community Council, to 1643, relocating itself to the ancient "SFAMO DEL POPOLO", because, according to tradition, a hot dish of polenta to the population. The festival has a long history during which several generations of volunteers from the village have alternated in its preparation, becoming, like polenta, the historical heritage of Villa S. Stefano.

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Polenta (www.cookaround.com)

Some concerts today in Italy

  • Renato Zero at Palasele di Eboli,
  • Negrita at Petrarca Theater of Arezzo,
  • Niccolò Fabi at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome,
  • Sinéad O'Connor at Hiroshima Mon Amour in Turin,
  • Omar Pedrini at the Goldoni Theater in Livorno,
  • Cristiano de Andrè at the Goldoni Theater in Livorno,
  • The Crus at the Goldoni Theater in Livorno

Today in theaters

HERZOG MEETS GORBACIOV - Historical interview with a leader with humble origins but with extraordinary intelligence, one of the most decisive and empathic of the 900s. Herzog and Gorbachev meet three times in six months digging into the life and ideals of the latter. A film by Werner Herzog, Andre Singer (II). With Mikhail Gorbachev, Werner Herzog, Miklos Nemeth, George Shultz, James A. Baker III


  • Cleopatra - A woman from Rimini, owner of the Hotel del Lido who inherited from her father Ptolemy. The show CLEOPATRA by Gianni Guardigli will be staged at Spazio Diamante in Rome today and tomorrow 19 January, staged and played by Carmen Panarello.
  • Isabel Green - A Hollywood super star. Beautiful, famous, rich and also good. She is on stage at the Dolby Theater in Rome, holding the statuette she has dreamed of since she was a child. She should be at the height of happiness, but something is wrong inside her ...
  • The Nutcracker - In Rome the prestigious "Ballet from Russia" Company. At the Teatro Italia in Rome.
  • Appetizer: "A quick ner core”With stornelli - Osterie Romane. Origins, diffusion, artistic representations, food and wine. In collaboration with the "Galleria Cabaret Voltaire" in Rome Esperide wants to pay homage to Rome, the eternal city, the romantic refuge for the eyes of lovers and tourists. The city of contradictions, ruins, baroque splendor, popes. That of the taxi drivers who scream, of the sharp lyric of Trilussa and of the out of tune stornellas of Trastevere. Between a glass of wine and the other, our art historian, together with the voice and notes of the guitar and mandolin of the Trio Monti, will retrace the history of Rome with you and from a historical-artistic-literary and musical point of view .

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