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Uncomfortable diary Politics is a science, and also an art. But it is not difficult ....

Politics is a science, and also an art. But it is not difficult. In fact, anyone does it ...

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Politics is a science, and also an art. But it is not difficult. In fact, anyone does it. When, however, a war breaks out a few kilometers from home or the danger of terrorism returns, people who know how to solve serious problems are sought. Unfortunately it is not found. Today Kurdistan is bombed. A cruel ethnic cleansing is underway. ISIS prisoners are released. And each of us continues to argue over any banality we do not share. He speaks to let him know that he is there too and wants the world to go according to his vision. The opinion of others does not count. And it risks causing everything to collapse. Easy to do politics like that.

anti-politics defeats politics

Needless to whine and accuse others, if things go wrong it's our fault

Western society is experiencing a crisis that dates back to the end of the last century. There are no personalities in domestic or European politics. No wonder that inadequate characters fill prestigious positions. It is not that we prefer them to De Gasperi, Adenauer, Berlingue, Andreotti and Schuman, who we want to marginalize. Only these we have. Yesterday's genes did not reproduce. For example, if Turkey had entered Europe when it was still a secular country, without the Muslim Brotherhood, today it would not give us so many problems. But then the mediocre were already in the EU commission.

Outside of Europe and North America, there are only dictatorships in the world

For more than three years, left and right, populists and sovereignists have been calling for clarity on the Regeni case. Just to talk. Before tackling the controversy with the Egyptians, let's ask ourselves a question. Do we intend to dialogue only with democracies? With countries where there is an authoritarian regime, is it better to break diplomatic and commercial relations? The poor boy who was in Cairo for study was tortured and killed because he thought he was a spy. Do we want the names of the killers? Secret service agents of a military dictatorship, where cruelty is the rule. What else is there to clarify?

Although bad, the mayors have to govern for five years

The Raggi is indefensible. Not even she herself can justify the unfortunate management of Rome. Of course, it curses the moment when the vanity of becoming Mayor of the capital of Italy has induced her to accept, knowing that she has neither the experience nor the skills. But, although the city suffocates in the garbage, to invoke its dismissal, as well as that of other first citizens, is not democratic. No one can replace the people who elected her and who must suffer them to the end because she suffers from the unfortunate choice. Next time he will not vote according to ideology, but in the interest of the city.

Neither voters nor politicians care about the collapsing hospital system

The Italians are divided into those who fear the landings of illegal immigrants, who the security or increase in VAT, who unemployment or climate change, who exit the Euro. But neither the government nor the opposition nor the unions think about the health of poor people. None of them ever looked around in an emergency room. The patients sleep on litters almost piled on top of each other. Hospitals are congested. The beds are missing. To save money, the staff is reduced. Doctors and nurses do what they can. This has been the case for years. What a shame! Only the sick complain, to no avail.

At one time there were great men who unfortunately did not reproduce

When I learn that a city council - today is the case in Ferrara - increases the salaries of Mayor and councilors, an anecdote comes to mind that makes us understand how much better we were. The Hon. Stefano Pellegrino, a famous criminal lawyer from Marsala, elected deputy to the 1st legislature of the Sicilian regional assembly in 1947, was indignant when he heard about salary. "What a shame! Isn't the honor of representing the people enough? " He was no longer a candidate. On his deathbed, he received the news that he was entitled to a pension. "Do not accept - he recommended to his wife - is not dignified".

The day on which it will be convenient to go on foot is not far away

For some time now cars have been inflating. It is as if they were wider and taller. They are the same, bigger and bigger. Due to the progressive lack of space, to move and park, to the continuous increase in production and purchase of machines, they should shrink them. But the Italians on a small side feel frustrated. What a genius that Marchionne is. He was careful not to produce small cars. He understood that the exponentially growing stupidity of the average user required rather mastodon. It will end up that in the big cities sooner or later we will get stuck to the point that we can no longer move.

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