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News preview Polls: League at 34,1%, M5s at 23,2, Pd at 19

Polls: League at 34,1%, M5s at 23,2, Pd at 19

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A year after the vote and nine months after the start of the Yellow-Green government, political opinions in Italy have changed profoundly. But not in the last period. The survey of the Political Atlas of Demos by Republic, in fact, presents some trends that have already emerged. And some news. Among the signs of continuity, we observe, first of all, the reversal of the power relations between the governing parties.

The League, in fact, in the voting estimates, still rises. It reached 34,4%. Basically, twice the elections of March 4, 2018. While the M5S drops to 23,2%. So almost 10 points less. Together, they rise by over 7 points and reach almost 58%. But of course, the Yellow-Green alliance has a different meaning today. Better to call it Green-Yellow.

Di Maio - Salvini, two wolves in cages.

Behind them, it is still difficult to recognize real opposition. However, there is no more darkness than before. The Democratic Party, after the Primaries, has regained altitude. And visibility. According to the Demos poll, it reached 19%. The highest result, after the elections of a year ago. And, indeed, even superior, compared to then. It is possible, therefore, that the Democratic Party may recover the lost space. On the electoral level and before that, in society. As is happening, and has happened, in the squares, in the mobilizations against xenophobia. And, even more so, in the choice of the leader. [Diamonds, Rep].

Meanwhile, Pisapia has made it known that it has accepted the candidacy for the Europeans offered by Zingaretti. He will be leaders in the North-West constituency.

The data of Nicola Piepoli, in the Press, confirm the recovery of the Democratic Party at 19% («Zingaretti has increased the vitality of the Democratic Party»), but they give the League at 31,5 and the M5s at 24,5

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