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Tuesday 22 June 2021

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London is in shock.

About 1.500 people gathered in Clapham Common, one of London's semi-suburbs, for a vigil in honor of Sarah Everard.

Sarah disappeared on March 3 as she walked alone to her home in the Brixton neighborhood.

Strong protest movements have arisen including “Reclaim These Streets”, an organization whose intent is to literally regain possession of the outlying streets of the city, in order to allow women to walk alone safely throughout the London megalopolis.

The city is shaken.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, privately paid tribute to the place of disappearance, now covered in thousands of bouquets of flowers.

But London is also rocked by what happened next.

Most of Sarah's vigils have been canceled or done virtually due to Covid regulations.

Except that, in fact, yesterday 1.500 people, mostly women, met equally to remember, to protest, to ask for safety.

Hundreds of agents were present, however, precisely to enforce the anti-Covid rules. And get this illegal meeting out of the way.

And in the end they intervened, arresting people, even throwing them and handcuffing them to the ground.

Like, if not worse, common criminals.

Now London is angry, and asks for the head of the female chief of police, of the Metropolitan Police.

Who had invited London to "find an alternative way to express their pain".

But the Duchess herself had instead paid a personal support. Without mask. Like an ordinary person, remembering how dangerous it was to return home in the evening as an ordinary person.

My mind flies fast.

To fly to London about twenty / thirty policemen were lined up to collect our self-declarations, sometimes going beyond their task and asking where how what and why. And making you feel indebted, guilty. Questions that are none of their business. You travel for work, for reasons of health, emergency, study. Point. Details are not always required, not even by law. And they are protected by the privacy regulations.

And arriving in Italy in the city center, I see the police departments in the squares to divide the young and scare the less young. Or patrol the center of Milan by closing the dock.

I understand the emergency. I understand the drama of the pandemic and the dead.

And I also understand the frustration of state agents acting as watchdogs for the people they are supposed to serve and protect.

But I see a very thin razor's edge, and I don't always see full justification for it.

I believe that the freedoms won with thousands of years of battles of mankind and two world wars cannot be trampled with all this ease. And I struggle to justify certain attitudes even with the ongoing pandemic.

I state, I am not now easily accused "against life", nor do I deny the presence of one of the strongest and most painful pandemics that have hit the earth in recent years. And I certainly do not hide the pain of dead people, all over the world.

I ask myself questions about the method.

Where was all this control in times of peace? But to be directed to real criminals and not to ordinary citizens, who tend to suffer without too much protest?

Haven't we lost sight of the goal a little?

The goal is not to criminalize young people, it is not to deprive them of their freedoms and their just instincts for rebellion.

It is not terrifying the population with sometimes insignificant, terrible, unverified, contradictory numbers. From sources that are not always impeccable.

It is not a fine, except as a last resort for absolutely irresponsible behavior, for parties or the like.

People are exasperated. At the third lockdown she is uncertain of the future, suffers from her income and sees an uncertainty of which she does not perceive the contours.

The state must explain. To educate. Raise awareness. And then explain again.

Why you have to keep certain behaviors, because you have to take certain precautions. And he must lead by example.

But above all he must vaccinate!

At the first lockdown we all pushed together towards a new future, but without a solution.

Now the solution is there, but our country enters at great, insane speed towards a further lockdown knowing that unlike other countries that now have an exit prospect, not everything that needed to be done to use the solution to improve life everyone has been done!

The state doesn't have to tell me that I have to wash my hands and I don't have to hug my loved ones! These are my choices. I will catch the virus a thousand times over if I have to hug my loved one, my child, my parent once again!

The state has to tell me when to vaccinate. Where is it. Like. When. With precise times and a certain road map.

The state must tell me when it reopens, when it will allow me to return to school and work. How do you plan to make the boys recover a year of life together.

You must not bully your people but companies that do not provide the vaccine as they should.

Guilty of having made agreements that no entrepreneur, even a mediocre one, would ever have signed.

And, once the pandemic is over, he will be obliged to put in place the same effort he has expressed to criminalize us and deprive us of sacrosanct freedom to make the country even safer. In London as in Italy.

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