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Wednesday 23 June 2021

Network Presentation of the recipe book "Sapori e Leggende" by ChiPiùNeArt in Rome

Presentation of the “Sapori e Leggende” cookbook by ChiPiùNeArt in Rome

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The cultural association Write your story launched a short review entitled Tris d'assi through the Zoom platform. This is the presentation of three texts, awarded by the Literary Award Women between memories and future, in Pratovecchio Stia on 28-29 September 2019. The Literary Award enjoys the patronage of FIDAPA BPW Italy and the Municipality of Pratovecchio Stia (AR).

On Sunday 21 February 2021 at 18,00 the first text was presented "No time is far away“, Novel by Laura Tolmino Marinelli.
ChiPiùNeArt publishing house - Rome.

Today Monday 01 March 2021 at 18,00 pm

"Flavors and Legends Cookbook ", di Anna Colucci, Maria Rosaria Pagnani and Anna Serriello, members of the FIDAPA Sections of Salerno and Battipaglia.
ChiPiùNeArt publishing house - Roma. Family cooking section

The thread of Cilento's history also unravels in the kitchen, where women spent most of their day, leaving traces, memories, recipes. From the transcription of family recipes and the narration of legends, a collection comes out, which invites you to enjoy the pleasures of the table by transmitting knowledge.

Saturday 06 March at 18,00

"Short stories about short stories ", collection of various authors: Piera Biondi, Benedetta Borrata, Simona Cipriani, Filippo Frizzi, Anna Parrini, Stefania Santangelo, Palma Silvestri, Laura Tolmino Marinelli, Marina Trastulla.
Terra d'ulivi edizioni - Lecce is the publishing house. Novelle section.

Writers / writers and editors were invited as speakers / speakers. The welcome will be provided by the President of the Rome section of Fidapa Grazia Marino. The President of the Lorena Fiorini Prize will be present among the speakers.

To register, write to info@scrivilatuastoria.com

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