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The conquest of power

The Triennale di Milano dedicates a three-day event (13-15 September) to the theme "Women's Time" and the Viterbo Chamber of Commerce is organizing a review of women entrepreneurs from Tuscia for 21 September.

2019. Brussels. The European Parliament elects Ursula Von Der Leyen, the new President of the EU Commission, a sixty-year-old German gynecologist, mother of seven children, defense minister of the Merkel government. A silent revolution analysts comment. Tehran city, a large square, a hundred women take off their veils, protest against the obligation to wear it hijab: they are the girls of the road of revolution.

It is no longer a problem of emancipation as in the twentieth century, the paradigm that has ruled the world for millennia has now been reversed: in economics and politics, as well as in the arts and science, women have gained power.

In institutions and squares, women are the protagonist, symbol and subject of modernity and progress. IS Moondo he wants to tell, through 20 portraits of women of our time, how contemporary society is changing, under all banners, thanks to a peaceful and civil revolution: women's profession.