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Uncomfortable diary Protesters in danger, now the Communist police are starting to shoot

Protesters in danger, now the Communist police are starting to shoot

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China intends to apply the same laws of the continent to the autonomous territory of Hong Kong. Citizens react to defend democracy. They don't hope for someone from outside. They try to protect them and oppose the Beijing government that wants to deprive them of the rights they have always enjoyed. Don't mess with those. They are seriously communists, not caricatures like we are. Those young people, used to living in a regime of freedom, do not imagine what dictatorship is capable of. For now the police are fighting them with some arrests and batons. But sooner or later it will end badly.

Hong Kong demonstrations and protests
Hong Kong demonstrations and protests

Ours cannot be a vindictive state

The widow D'Antona is right in considering it a great injustice. As well as those who suffered such mourning and saw the state murderer enjoying retirement. The others, however, are speculators who stir up the spirits to create havoc in society. If the ex-terrorist receives € 630 per month, it is because he has to live. If not, it was better to keep her in prison, where she had no expenses. This law is wise. Criminals who paid their debt with justice are not prosecuted. Because they have acquired the right not to have to commit crime again in order to survive.

It is difficult to defend M5S ministers, yet sometimes someone has common sense

Catholicism is the most tolerant and appropriate religion for our needs, customs and culture. The resulting philosophy is human and wise. The image of Christ movingly represents all of humanity's sufferings and courage to face them. But it is not necessary to post it in schools. So much so, it doesn't need advertising. And then, the state is secular and multi-ethnic. It is right, therefore, to also respect the faith of others. Fioramonti is right when he suggests keeping the crucifix in the heart, rather than exposing it in the classrooms, together with the moral that few of us respect.

When the turkey has to celebrate Thanksgiving

Poor people, just when they had miraculously found a well-paid and prestigious job, the specter of unemployment looms. They themselves must vote for the reduction of parliamentarians, despite knowing that everyone's chances of being re-elected in the next legislature will decrease. In fact, the legislative apparatus will be reduced by one third. The deputies from 630 will become 400 and the senators from 315 to 200. But they cannot even oppose it because, if not, the government falls, we immediately return to the polls, the forfeiture would be immediate. Who knows if they will put them back on the list and be voted on.

Yesterday a carabiniere, today two policemen die because they do not distrust

They are the dilapidated equipment provided by those who protect us to kill men of value. The serenity of the boys in uniform shows that the country does not run the dangers that alarmists spread. In fact, to meet two American tourists they must be disarmed. They do not take precautions to interrogate two Dominican brothers suspected of stealing a scooter. They have been doing well for many years that they have made the country safe. Then, it can happen to anyone to run into the psychopath

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