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Protests: a top view

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A top view. The two central pages entirely occupied by aerial photographs of the street movements of last Saturday, the twelfth day of protests for the assassination of George Floyd. Photos from Fialadelfia, Indianapolis, Rockaway Beach (Queens, NY) all in the sea on paddles, Manhattan, Berlin, Chicago, Hazard (Kentuky), Portland (Oregon), Adelaide (Australia).


  • Other movements have failed. This "feels like home." The demand for racial justice reaches an importance not seen for years. Full-page article with photos of the march in Washington, with descriptions and interviews of the marches around the world.
  • Delicate reopening has finally arrived in New York City. 400.00 resume work. After 100 hard days, a normal start between the mass riots and the marches.
  • The national guard leaves the capital. Trump orders the National Guard (a body similar to our Carabinieri) to withdraw from the capital, even under the incessant criticism of the military leaders of his idea of ​​having the army intervene.
  • The accusation of having launched the bomb shocks the friends of the two lawyers. Two young Brooklyn lawyers, after an evening with friends, throw a Molotov cocktail into an empty police car. The reasons are not yet known.
  • States worried that "hackers" might take advantage of the vote in the mail. This has repeatedly suggested Trump, but in the two states where elections have already taken place by mail everything was smooth.


  • Berlin comes out of closure, keeping the rules of distance between people and giving the phone number to the police to facilitate the recognition of their contacts.
  • Reviewing the elections in Bolivia. A closer look at the data suggests that the elections, lost by a very authoritarian president, were not rigged.
  • Barr denies that there is racism in the police. The statements by the Minister of Justice while Trump is about to receive those responsible for the various police forces.
  • The editor-in-chief of the New York Times opinion page resigns, after strong criticism for having published a letter in which Senator Cotton supported Trump's idea of ​​having the army intervene.
  • Many billions and then layoffs. Tens of hospitals have received substantial federal help to pay staff and buy virus protection materials. Yet they have laid off, suspended or reduced wages to thousands of workers.

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