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News preview Protests throughout Italy by traders and restaurateurs

Protests throughout Italy by traders and restaurateurs

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Protests throughout Italy by traders and restaurateurs over the restrictions imposed by the government. Clashes with the police in front of Montecitorio, the A1 blocked at Caserta. EMA experts have found that thrombosis cases are actually more frequent among the population vaccinated with AstraZeneca, they will have to ask the company to update the leaflet again. Mattarella received the second dose of Moderna's Covid vaccine. Renzi's son and wife have Covid. She got vaccinated with AstraZeneca but got infected anyway. There were another 421 deaths yesterday. The number of hospitalized patients is growing (+558), including in intensive care (+6). The positivity rate drops to 6,9%. The people vaccinated (two doses) are 3.539.230 (5,93% of the population). The EU has missed the target of vaccinating 80% of people over 3,1 by the end of March. Brussels blocks XNUMX million vaccine doses directed to Australia. Record of infections in Iran

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• Draghi in Tripoli: "Let's rebuild an ancient friendship"
• Seven years after the passage of the bell, Enrico Letta and Matteo Renzi had a face to face. There remains the division on the alliance with the M5s
• Americans could boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
• The doctor from Navalny was also arrested in Russia
• In Israel, President Reuven Rivlin has given Netanyahu the task of forming the new government
• Another 45 days in prison for Zaki. The request for the change of judges has been rejected
• Minister Cartabia sends inspectors to the Trapani prosecutor's office for the case of journalists intercepted in the investigation into NGOs and rescues at sea
• A Red Cross coordinator was acquitted of sexual assault on a volunteer because the victim "does not scream or cry". Now the Supreme Court has established that the process must be redone
• 2020, despite the pandemic, has generated a new billionaire every 17 hours. According to Forbes, the net worth of the world's scroungers soars to 13.100 trillion
• The Swiss theologian Hans Küng died. He had questioned the dogma of the Pope's infallibility and criticized Benedict XVI for handling cases of pedophilia in the Church
• Struck by a heart attack, Erica Hausen, former suitor of Men and Women, also died. He was 44 years old
• Kim Jong-un withdraws North Korea from the Tokyo Olympics
• Minister Speranza gave the ok to the presence of supporters at the Olimpico for the four matches of the European Championships that will be played this summer in Rome


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  • the manifesto: Parole ammare
  • Tomorrow: Migrants brought back to Libya were not rescued but sentenced to torture


Hon. Sara Moretto, of Italia Viva, presented a bill to regulate the activity of dog groomer [Arnaldi, Mess].

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