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News preview Rai Italia: "Italy with you" now with English subtitles

Rai Italia: "Italy with you" now with English subtitles

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Throughout this month of December, and until the Epiphany (January 6, 2020), Rai Italia offers Italian viewers abroad, who reside in the four non-European continents, its own daily container program of the afternoon "Italy with you" subtitled in English (a typical example in the photo). 


This is an experimental initiative on the occasion of the Christmas period, for the benefit of families who find themselves enlarged for the holidays, bringing together several generations, some of whom do not understand Italian).

The "Italy with you" program, conducted by Monica Marangoni, is always available on request on the platform Rai Play anywhere in the world including Italy. It airs from Monday to Friday every afternoon in the destination countries. Conceived and produced by Rai Italia, the program is dedicated to Italians around the world.

On air from 8 October 2018, “L'Italia con Voi” is broadcast by Saxa Rubra's Studio 6 in Rome with an original 90-minute formula full of guests and services from the world and from Italy. Monica Marangoni talks with the guests present and in connection from abroad, addressing current issues and of interest to those who live outside national borders. The conduct of Marangoni is enriched by the participation in the piano of Stefano Palatresi, musician and singer who has conquered the hearts of the public since his collaboration in Those of the Night, the historic program of Renzo Arbore. Marangoni's guests are the great Italian faces of television entertainment and fiction, cinema, entertainment and culture. Meetings with parliamentarians elected abroad are also in the studio or in connection, to explore themes and topics that directly affect the lives of the many compatriots who have moved to other countries.  

“L'Italia con Voi” is also a direct line with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for service information on activities and initiatives for Italians around the world. Great attention is also paid to the promotion of the Italian language and culture. The collaboration with the linguists of Dante Alighieri is dedicated to the latter, in addition to the forays of Gianni Ippoliti in the guise of a revived Dante Alighieri struggling with language changes. Of course, there is no shortage of services provided by correspondents in our communities around the world. The cameras of "L'Italia con Voi" tell the many stories born between tradition and innovation, the big and small successes, of the real protagonists and promoters of Made in Italy: Italians abroad. And not only. There is also a space for videos and photos sent directly by viewers abroad, who can intervene in the broadcast by talking to Monica on the phone.

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