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Leafing through the New York Times Stubborn police protectors prevent any reform effort

Stubborn police protectors prevent any reform effort

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Even today, Sunday 7 June, the New York Times is made up of 10 issues. Here are their headlines and the main news of each.

  • 1/32 pages: The first issue does not have its own specific title, it is the New York Times and is dedicated to news in general. It also includes sport, which has its file on Monday. The main news, full page with 4 photos: STRONG POLICE PROTECTORS PREVENT ANY REFORM EFFORT. Trade unions, using their political power, oppose checks on the behavior of policemen.
  • 2/10 pages: Title: HOME. HOW WE LIVE NOW. Main news, with full page drawing of a colored child studying: JOIN OUR NEIGHBORS AND THE WORLD. A series of articles on the importance of being united.
  • 3/8 pages: Title: METROPOLITAN. Dedicated to the suburban neighborhoods of New York. Main news: WHAT HAPPENED IN NURSING HOMES?  Two sisters, both detectives, seek an answer about their mom's death.
  • 4/12 pages: Title: SUNDAY MAGAZINE. IDEAS, OPINIONS. NEWS ANALYSIS. Main news, with two photographs of the unrest that occupy the entire front page: WHY THE POLICE DOESN'T ACT AS IF IT WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR COLOR AMERICANS? Articles on the causes that led to the current protests.
  • 5/12 pages: Title: STYLES OF SUNDAY, LIFE STYLE, RELATIONS, SOCIETY. Main news: IS THE PARTY AT FIRE ISLAND FINISHED? It is an island also known for a village of gays, Pines. Will the hedonistic character of before return?
  • 6/10 pages. Title: SUNDAY BUSINESS. INVESTMENTS, INNOVATIONS, WORK. Main news: LARGE COMPANIES AMERICA FAILED WITH COLOR AMERICA. For a group of prominent black entrepreneurs / leaders, police violence and protests sparked a flow of emotions and requests for action.
  • 7/14 pages. Title: ARTS AND PLEASURE. IDEAS, PERSONALITY. Entirely dedicated to all types of entertainment and art, therefore now, with the closure of cinama, theaters, restaurants, bars, museums, art galleries etc etc, much weight loss respects the past. Useful for choosing what to watch on TV.
  • 8/12 pages. PROPERTIES. OWNERS, TENANTS, RENOVATORS. Main news: MANY NIGHTS AT THE MUSEUM. Museum custodians have the strangest work-from-home in New York.
  • 9/23 pages. BOOK REVIEW. Reviews of all the books released in the week.
  • 10/50 pages. THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE. Typical format of the weeklies. The cover and a long internal article dedicated to William Barr, minister of justice, much discussed in the media for his support for Trump even when not deserved and for some of his interventions with the criminal courts to defend Trump's friends. But also sometimes publicly opposing the president.

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