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News preview Renzi blows up the negotiating table, Draghi arrives.

Renzi blows up the negotiating table, Draghi arrives.

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Yesterday afternoon Renzi blew up the bar of negotiations with 5 Stars, Pd, LeU and managers, making it clear to everyone that a possible Count ter would not have the confidence of the Chambers. In the evening when Fico returned to the Quirinale with nothing in his hand, Mattarella, dark-faced, gave a seven-minute speech: "I feel the duty to appeal to all the political forces present in Parliament to give confidence to a government high profile that should not identify with any political formula ". Shortly after, his spokesman announced to the thirteen journalists gathered in the ballroom that Mario Draghi is expected for tomorrow at the Quirinale.

On the front page

• Emilio Carelli leaves the M5s and launches the Centro-Popolari Italiani
• The government crisis blew the release of Rocco Casalino's autobiography, The spokesperson
• Yesterday there were another five hundred deaths from Covid. Ordinary hospitalizations are still increasing (+19), while those in intensive care are decreasing (-38). The positivity rate dropped to 3,9%
• Yesterday morning a large landslide hit the road leading to the center of Amalfi 
• Russian Sputnik vaccine is 91% effective
• Pfizer expects to collect $ 15 billion from the Covid vaccine in 2021
• The English variant has acquired the South African mutation, which is very bad news
• Bertolaso ​​promises ten million Lombard vaccinated by June
• In the US, the vaccinated are now more than infected
• From the third quarter of this year, Jeff Bezos will step down as CEO of Amazon, become executive president and thus have more time to devote himself to his other new passions: Day 1 Fund, the Bezos Earth Fund, the space company Blue Origin, and the Washington Post newspaper
• Alexei Navalny accused of violating probation was sentenced: he will have to serve two years and eight months in prison. He still accuses Putin "the Underpants Poisoner"
• Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that during the assault on Congress she hid in the bathroom of the office, heard the attackers nearby and was afraid of being killed. She also revealed that she was a victim of abuse 
• Marilyn Manson was dumped from her record label after sexual abuse allegations
• Lazio have signed Romano Floriani Mussolini, great-grandson of the Duce and third son of Alessandra in the Primavera
• In Rome, in the Romanina district, a man was kicked in broad daylight while the children were entering school
• Coppa Italia, Juve beat Inter 2-1 at San Siro. The return will be played next Wednesday 
• Actor Hal Holbrook has died at 95
• Tom Moore, the British war veteran who became the hero of the pandemic, has died at 100


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58 percent of Italians are willing to give up personal freedom in favor of collective health (Censis 2020 Report) [Cassese, Corriere della Sera].

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