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News preview Revolt against the School Plan

Revolt against the School Plan

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Thunderstorms over the Alps, Triveneto and Abruzzo. Sun and a few clouds on the rest of Italy • Maritime Day • The trial for the tragedy of Piazza San Carlo begins • First day of voting for the Russian referendum • The Hemingway Prize in Lignano Sabbiadoro • The five women of Catena Fiorello • L latest novel by Banana Yoshimoto • The consoling philosophy of Vito Mancuso • Staino sends another Bobo to the library • Nikita by Luc Besson on Heaven • Today's Gospel: "Not everyone who says" Lord, Lord "will enter the kingdom of heaven".

Revolt against the School Plan

«Months of silence ripped apart by a single large chorus of disappointment. Principals, teachers, caretakers, parents, students: the whole world of school is in revolt. Nobody likes the draft with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education for returning to school in September. Inputs and outputs in turn, classes broken into groups with pupils of different ages, lessons of 40 minutes instead of 60, mixed teaching (half in attendance and half at a distance) for high school students and no more teachers. And then, all the responsibility in recovering extra spaces, guaranteeing safety distances and composing the puzzle of attendance, entrusted to individual school leaders. Tonight at 18pm the squares of 60 cities, from Trento to Palermo, passing through Milan, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples, will be colored with the banners of thousands of people ready to say "no" to the school that awaits them »[ Strambi, Rep].

The judgment of the presences is also tough: the 2020-2021 school plan «does not contain operational indications or define minimum levels of service but limits itself to listing the possibilities offered by the law on autonomy, without assigning additional resources and without giving managers the due freedom management ", reads a note by Antonello Giannelli, the president of the National Presidia Association.


31 percent of the beds offered to tourists in Rome are black [Stella, CdS].

On the front page

• In the Varese area, a woman and two young children walking in the street died crushed by a cornice that broke away from the roof of a former factory. The eldest son escaped because he walked across the street
• Revolt against the school plan. Tonight demonstrations in 60 cities, hard judgment even of the presidia: "It does not contain operational indications". Today the guidelines will be discussed at the State-Regions Conference
• The International Monetary Fund has revised downwards its estimates for 2020: global GDP will be down 4,9%. For Italy: -12,8%. Only China should keep the plus sign, but with the lowest growth since the 70s
• In Italy, 37 new mothers left their jobs in one year
• Di Maio met Serraj in Tripoli and announced that negotiations to amend the Memorandum on migrants will start on 2 July. Libya would be available to accept Italy's proposals
• 28 migrants found on the Moby Zazà ship moored in Porto Empedocle were positive
Yesterday in Italy 190 new cases and 30 deaths in one day. The total number of victims has been revised down to 34.644. Spadafora gives the go-ahead for the resumption of soccer but the technical-scientific committee says no
• 35 infections in one day in the United States, the highest figure since late April. The New York Marathon on November 1st has been canceled. In Germany yesterday 587 new cases of Covid-19, the infection rate is at 2,02. "No name, no pint", the new post lockdown rule in English pubs: to drink you have to identify yourself. In Bulgaria the infection curve rises
• Bibbiano case, the public prosecutor of Reggio Emilia requested the indictment of 24 people
• Zanardi's conditions remain stable. No more medical bulletins until there are significant changes
• Emilio Fede returns home. The magistrate of Naples: no precautionary measure, Milan is competent
• In Rome six people who worked in the municipal offices were arrested for pocketing bribes in exchange for building amnesties
The 7,6 magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico, and in particular the state of Oaxaca, caused at least six deaths and the destruction of buildings, hospitals and roads
• Porn actor Ron Jeremy was indicted in Los Angeles for rape and sexual assault
• A new referendum for independence from France will be held on 4 October in New Caledonia
• Djokovic's father accuses Bulgarian tennis player Dimitrov for the coronavirus outbreak that broke out during the tournament organized by his son Nole
• Lazio lose and Inter draw. Juve increasingly first with four points ahead
• Alfredo Biondi, Minister of Justice for Berlusconi I, died at 92 years old.

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