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The pleasure of the senses Riddles for the Iliad

Riddles for the Iliad

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A versification that is certainly difficult, even when reading only the apparent sense, is the one he used Tristan in writing a series of puzzles inspired byIliad. A careful examination, developed in the light of the relative solutions, gives back to the compositions all their truly remarkable value.

The plain among the veils of already macerated white dawn
it wore the colors of mourning stained with plague
companion to the supernal destiny of Darting Hands
and in copy he folded his faces to the beaten lines.
She became aware of it and the source was known
that everything in conformity with the truth revealed Calcante.

Thus, of this first puzzle, in addition to the solution represented by carbon paper, a complete clear reading is offered here:

The flat surface (of the carbon paper), placed between the white sheets of the tissue paper coming from the maceration, showed traces of black color and, united in the destiny (the destination) of the hands that strike from above, in copying folded the sheets ready to accept the keystrokes placed in a row. Through it it was possible to read the copy and knew the source (the "source", that is the typeface) that it, the "lime paper" (as carbon paper is also called), usually reveals in accordance with the original .

These other three, however, are left to explain.

For that Ambiance with shield and crown you beat that God
and in pieces the flower of the Danai gathered hesitantly;
for her one of the ancient soldiers showing valor
ran first on that distant day: it was Aeneas.
A lively sonito of a tuned lyre accompanies that line
to the acquired right, which counts very well the strength of God

Oblivious perhaps to the nuptial bed and perhaps a son
and in lust for glory to add to the father's name,
even if in a long time it parried the doors and the walls
and then he invested, he tightened his relatives close to Nobody.
And later, during the ritual stasis destined for the canteens,
to set fire to ships with skilled arts he thought.

Hard yet strong that blond which still remains the name of Chief
the brave attack on the field matured very hot:
so he was surrounded by hands in endless quantities
who wanted his death to raise his spoils later.
A vein was resected at his waist for these sickening hands
but he was soon carried to the boat in his golden chariot.

The riddle of Tristan it contains a thousand facets with a tendency to the essential with a result that is not immediately taken on by the reader and not easy to understand; the surprise, however, breaks into a solution found, when all the passages and all the particular ambiguities contained within his enigmas are recognized.

The solutions are postponed to the next episode.

The solutions of the cryptographies left to explain last time are:

NIPPLE aft crowning
REMATI parties at the polls
PORTER taken by the neck
FALSE MODESTY compressed air
JESUS ​​IN THE GARDEN the reflexive verb
GIOVIALONE the great sympathetic
NANI constitutional courts
POPLARS modern peoples

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