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The black sheep Rome: Beppe and his cheeses

Rome: Beppe and his cheeses

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Beppe and his cheeses: This appreciated boutique of taste has turned 10 years old - located at the entrance to the Ghetto - where the offer of cheeses is able to satisfy the most hardened fans of milk curds transformed into spun or blue cheeses, flowery or washed crusts, pastas pressed or glances, fresh ricotta or subjected to medium or long seasonings.

The shop was born from the idea of ​​the Piedmontese Beppe Gioviale to offer for sale its cheeses produced in the Val di Susa together with an appreciable selection of Italian and foreign cheeses, with particular regard to those produced by the cousins ​​from across the Alps. The shop catches the eye already from the outside, with the beautiful linear counter that occupies the entire length of the room where numerous types of cheeses supplied by producers identified with extreme rigor are displayed with meticulous care, in the special air-conditioned shelf.

Rome: Beppe and his cheeses
Rome: Beppe and his cheeses

Beppe and his cheeses: the products

The mere exposure gives merit to the respect and professionalism given to each individual product, whether this is fresh ricotta or the toma subjected to long aging. Mozzarella di Bufala, supplied daily, keep company with Sardinian pecorino cheeses, semi-sweet provolone, tome from South Tyrolean malga, Bitto from Valtellina, young and ripe robiola, blue and Italian sheep's milk cow's milk or sheep's milk, Anglo-Saxon Stilton or forms of Livarot or Brillat Savarin, and beyond.

Difficult to remain indifferent to this exposure and meticulous explanations. The same attention is replicated in the selection of other products available such as cured meats, sweet and savory pantry baked goods and delicacies

Beppe and his cheeses, Via Santa Maria del Pianto, 9 / a-11 Ghetto - Rome.
Telephone 06/68192210

Review taken from “Rome for the Goloso - Le Botteghe"Of The Black Sheep Publisher

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