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The black sheep Rome: Atlas Coelestis restaurant

Rome: Atlas Coelestis restaurant

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Atlas Coelestis restaurant: a starry sky with lots of constellations and planets and a spaceship effect door give a touch of fun eccentricity to an elegantly welcoming environment, where you can feel comfortable eating pizza and drinking beer, or enjoying more elaborate dishes while sipping a glass of wine .

The kitsch effect is averted byimpeccable equipment well spaced tables, by the wise use of materials, by the beautiful partial view that can be enjoyed on the modern and clean kitchen and on the wood-burning oven from which inviting pizzas come out of the abundant seasoning. And finally from the interesting overview of the large containers of the beer which is handcrafted by the owners.
Beyond theparticular and refined environment we retain good opinion both on the service, discreet and cared for, that on the kitchen which, albeit with some burrs, is confirmed to be of a good standard, above all thanks to the wise choice of quality raw materials, complete with suppliers punctually indicated at the beginning of the paper.

Atlas Coelestis restaurant
Atlas Coelestis restaurant - Rome

Atlas Coelestis restaurant: the menu

Leafing through the menu we are faced with a not particularly wide but captivating offer, with modern dishes and a small section dedicated to pizzas with creative toppings, which is counterbalanced by one extensive wine list, full of interesting labels offered with honestly above average markups.

After a small welcome from the kitchen consisting of a simple pumpkin cream and a commendable basket of fresh homemade bread, we started with a raw crustacean with Asetra caviar, strawberries and basil which aroused some perplexity in us: the prawns, in abundant number such as to justify the price not really contained of the dish, they were undoubtedly very fresh and enhanced by the light seasoning but were not well cleaned, the annoying gut, in fact, had not been removed and the combination with strawberries (out of season at the time of our visit) brought nothing to the final result.

Without flaws, however, i first dishes: the spaghetti with curls were tasty and whipped to perfection and the fresh pasta tagliolini with butter and anchovies were enriched by the presence of toasted pine nuts to give texture and wild fennel flowers to give freshness and harmonize the flavors. Between MAIN CORSE the red ox tataki with truffle sauce and foie gras, more similar to a tagliata and with the barely noticeable truffle, did not fully convince us, while the foie gras escalope was balanced, just too caramelized but well combined with a sauce of apricots.

A full-bodied cream zabaglione served with dried and fresh fruit, really satisfying, was our dessert, followed by an excellent espresso chosen from a respectable coffee menu where you can decide for one of the cru proposed to be prepared with one of the three extraction methods: the classic one, the dripper for a longer extraction, or with the siphon.

Rating 7,5/10

Atlas Coelestis Via Malcesine, 41, Trionfale - Rome. Telephone 06/35072243

Review taken from “Roma Nel Piatto - The restaurants"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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