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The black sheep Rome: Babington's Teeria

Rome: Babington's Teeria

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During the past year i 125 years of history in this elegant Victorian-style tea room, born from the will of Anna Maria Babington and Isabel Cargill (two young English girls, who arrived in the capital in 1893) to invest their savings to offer a tea room to the city and to the English community present in Rome. Well thought out project because, even if at the time tea was marketed in pharmacies, the idea of ​​spreading the Anglo-Saxon rite in a welcoming and well-kept environment, where to enjoy moments of relaxation alone or in company, was also appreciated by the Romans.

The fascinating company history, on the occasion of the recent anniversary, was sealed in a publication, edited by the current owners who, with passion and respecting the original footprint, are constantly careful to keep the interest of an audience alive - always wider and constantly evolving - with initiatives also aimed at spreading the history of the restaurant and the products offered.

Rome: Babington's Teeria
Rome: Babington's Teeria

Babington's: the products

The tea room, which has maintained its original stylistic imprint, combines the reception for on-site consumption with the offer of more than 30 selections of tea, developed over time, together with an interesting variety of infusions, of biscuits and sweets, prepared in the adjacent laboratory, above all respectful of typical recipes. There are also various items for the preparation and consumption of tea such as teapots, filters, fine porcelain cups, etc., to be purchased also with customizable packs, to be agreed with the help of the property, for special gifts.

The offer is completed by the catering service, initiatives aimed at spreading the culture of tea, such as courses and tastings and the well-organized website.

Babington's, Piazza di Spagna, 23 - Rome. Telephone 06/6786027

Review taken from “Rome for the Goloso - Le Botteghe"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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