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Editorials by Giampaolo Sodano Capital Rome: how things really went 30 years ago

Capital Rome: how things really went 30 years ago

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Capital Rome, announced bankruptcy, but whose are the responsibilities and, above all, are feasible solutions? (to read part 1 of the post, click here).

Responsibilities we said, there are many. But insisting on them can only have a historical value: at this point, which is perhaps one of the lowest in the history of post-Risorgimento Rome, it is necessary to resume the discussion, if we are capable of it, where we interrupted it 30 years ago: not It will be easy. Even the constitutional rule of 2001 on capital Rome has been cleverly emptied of content by a bureaucracy that fears losing, with functions, the small privileges it continues to enjoy.

Rome "invaded" by its decay
Rome today, "invaded" by its degradation - Photo credit: L'Espresso

The experience of these years tells us that it is not a question of money, it is also and above all and once again a question of political will.

Capital Rome: how things really went 30 years ago

I want to tell you how things went thirty years ago. I was sitting on the budget committee for the examination of the financial, to replace a colleague who had fallen ill. Given that since I was elected Member I have dealt with the Rome issue, I took the floor to illustrate an amendment which I had deposited and which included an extraordinary expense of 450 billion for the financing of works necessary for the capital function. A rather lively discussion began, the government through the mouth of the budget minister Goria found no better than to ask himself the question of what justification he could give to his fellow citizens of Asti for such an important allocation for the city of Rome. Thanks to a providential intervention by the president of the commission Paolo Cirino Pomicino the debate ended with the approval of the amendment albeit with a figure of 200 billion. Obviously the question of how to spend them immediately arose. With my comrades from the socialist parliamentary group, we presented a bill.

Giampaolo sodano

In short, 1986 was a golden moment for capital Rome, perhaps there was too much chatter, it is certain that there was much talk of Rome. We had started off on the right foot: once the funds had been allocated, we felt the need to understand how to spend them and for what capital. The projects that were on the table seemed to have become obsolete: large works, infrastructures, computerizing, equipping, telematizing Rome were not enough to draw a modern face, perhaps a single idea was missing and for this reason cultural operators, management of the public and private enterprise, entrepreneurial and financial forces, political exponents of all parties, who with great lucidity and passion discussed Rome. Then the political crisis sent everything to the attic.

Thirty years have passed and of course the city has changed beyond its rulers. Rome was once a place of exchange, of market, of then living in the city of work, today we do not know what it is and what its future is. It is up to us, to us citizens of 2000, stratification of history and culture to be able to combine beauty and progress, innovation and memory to resume the difficult path to give our city the identity to which it is entitled, that of Capital d 'Italy.

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