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The black sheep Rome of La Pecora Nera, discover all the news!

Rome of La Pecora Nera, discover all the news!

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It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that today we want to make all our loyal customers participate but also those who still do not know us well about an important change that represents a turning point for The black sheep. But first we want to talk a little about you, who we are and what we do, which is why many of you have chosen us as the best guide in the food and wine sector.

the black sheep
The Black Sheep Publisher

La Pecora Nera publisher

La Pecora Nera is a publishing house specializing in the food and wine sector. Already from the name we want to convey our intention to represent a voice out of the chorus in the world of gastronomy. And what might have seemed like a utopia to us has become a reality thanks above all to the excellent success achieved right away. Let's now know our story before mentioning an event that marks a significant turning point for the publishing house.

We founded the publishing house in 2005 which has always specialized in the food and wine sector and is active in Lazio, Lombardy and Piedmont. Through visits in real anonymity a group of food critics (who pay the bill like any other customer), draw up guides in which they report their experiences in detail trying to focus on all those aspects that interest the reader. The kitchen, of course, but also the service, including incorrect behavior towards the customer. As a summary data the vote is used.

"When using a guide like this - says the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti -, you don't browse a directory, let alone a price list. A journey takes place that unites the environment, history, people, products and therefore the very identity of a territory".

Much of our paper production is also declined on digital media so as to allow the user a more immediate and mobile use of the contents.

Rome of La Pecora Nera

It is with great pride that we want to share with you our turning point represented by an important decision: that of merge into one guide the three annual publications published so far regarding Rome (Roma nel Piatto, Saporario Roma and Rome for the Goloso). Rome of La Pecora Nera is the new unified guide that suggests to the reader the tables of the region in which to eat, the tasty breaks during the day and the shops in which to make a quality shopping in the capital.

The decision was made to provide advice for every occasion and pocket in one agile product.

We are pleased to quote the Rome Agri-Food Center who chose Rome of La Pecora Nera to give visibility to the restaurants of the Cuor di CAR circuit, rewarding the best. "Our recognition to them - the words of Fabio Massimo Pallottini, general manager of the company - for wanting to accept our challenge, for dedicating care and attention to the preparation of each dish, even the simplest, for wanting to share with us the passion we put every day in the work we do".

Rome of La Pecora Nera, discover all the news!
Rome of La Pecora Nera, discover all the news!

Rome of La Pecora Nera, all the news!

Among the novelties of this edition we have introduced the presence of thematic awards. That for "the interpretation of pasta by Pasta Mancini"Was assigned to L'Arcangelo and Pipero in Rome and at the Osteria dell'Orologio in Fiumicino, for"the interpretation of risotto by Risoinfiore"Metamorfosi and Moma of Rome and Casa Iozzia of Vitorchiano were awarded, while for"the research kitchen by Incibum”The choice fell on the Capitoline addresses Glass Hostaria and Idylio by Apreda and on Satricvm of Latina.

If these prizes, like those of HQF, have also been included in the Milan and Turin guides, only on Rome of La Pecora Nera is there the prize for “the interpretation of Roman dishes by Salumificio Sano”Won by La Tavernaccia, Osteria Fratelli Mori and Trattoria L'Avvoltaibile, all located in the capital.

One of the awarded rooms was delivered porcelain plate painted by hand for the occasion by Yuriko Damiani, an Italian-Japanese artist whose works are characterized by the use of Japanese Ancient Gold.

And yet, among the many new features, the attention of the guide for lquality extra virgin olive oil: in fact, each restaurant has also been evaluated on this aspect, with a clear indication in the fact sheets of the correctness or otherwise of the method of administration and the type of oil served.

On behalf of La Pecora Nera, a special thanks goes to all of you readers who have shown constant trust and interest in purchasing our guides. The promise we make to you is to continue moving forward with this ethics.

Rome de The Black Sheep Publisher it is on sale in bookstores for € 14,90.

We are a young editorial reality e we do not receive public funding. Our work is supported only by the contribution of the publisher (CuDriEc Srl) and advertising revenue. THE readers they are ours true wealth. Every day we try to deliver accurate, unique and true insights.
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