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The black sheep Rome: Gastrotheca, quality, seasonality, sustainability

Rome: Gastrotheca, quality, seasonality, sustainability

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Open from 9.30 to 18.30 only on weekdays, this small place that is difficult to frame in a format already seen, seems designed specifically to intercept the many local workers for a quality and quick lunch break. A confirmation of this hypothesis is given by the really well thought out take away proposal, with dishes that can be booked for the delivery service (by 12 noon for lunch and 17 pm for dinner) to be chosen on the updated site, or to be picked up on site, supplied in practical containers in compostable material put under vacuum at the moment.

The offer is obviously also usable on site and provides a very simple formula: you choose techa 1, 2 or 3 to have an equal number of dishes to fish among those present, well described in the slate placed on a stand near the door of entrance. We have thus tasted a good pearled spelled with rocket pesto, basil and confit cherry tomatoes, chickpeas with very delicate steamed white leeks and an excellent, rightly pink tuna veal, served in generous portions. If you want there are also bagels and soup of the day which can be ordered in two sizes, as well as extracts (very good is that of carrots, apples, oranges and ginger).

Rome: Gastrotheca, quality, seasonality, sustainability
Rome: Gastrotheca, quality, seasonality, sustainability (facebook.com)

Gastrotheca: environment

A small room with the counter on the right from which to order and on the left three small high tables, not particularly comfortable for on-site consumption. The whole with a modern mood is taken care of, with the open kitchen at the bottom.

Service: Very kind and generous with explanations on the dishes available. The rewarding "bravo" that followed our choice of 3 courses, we then discovered to be an automatic exclamation since it was dispensed for every type of order.

Rating 3/5

Gastrotheca, Viale Regina Margherita, 179 - Rome. Telephone 06/85303321.

Review taken from “Il Saporario - Rome"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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