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The black sheep Rome: Haberdashery, cocktail bar

Rome: Haberdashery, cocktail bar

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Born in place of an old haberdashery, the new Igles Corelli restaurant offers an original format that elevates street food to gourmet food. The menu, in fact, is made up of pralines, buttons, lasagnette, different according to seasonality, served in small portions and at a lower cost than that of a starry dinner. Open from noon until the evening, it is the most suitable place for a snack at lunchtime or for an aperitif, rather than for dinner, unless you want to stay light.

We tried it for the aperitif, when, adding 2 euros to the cost of the chosen drink, you are entitled to a trio of tastings from the menu. The lasagna with cheese and pepper is tasty, a soft and crispy pastry, closed like a sack, filled with cream cheese and spice, the panzanella is transformed into sushi and wrapped in chard leaves, the praline with red prawn mayonnaise is less interesting , red turnip rice and ginger, where the cereal was overcooked and the rest rather messy.

From the menu, then, we also tried the salted button with sautéed chicory, chickpea hummus, pecorino flakes, fermented chilli and sesame seeds, with the slightly warm puffed bread and a good amalgam of the ingredients. Ice cream buttons are available for those who want to close on a sweet note, which in their shape are reminiscent of those of a well-known Italian company, obviously offered here in multiple flavors and of another quality level. Among those tasted, the button with pistachio from Bronte and puffed rice struck us more than that with apple, ginger, sesame biscuit and cinnamon, where the latter ingredient prevailed over the rest.

The drink list is made up of cocktails - fresh and thirst-quenching the blackberry apple tailor, white cane sugar, lime, green apple and a pinch of cinnamon - and wines in the bar suitably marked on a separate card.

Rome: Haberdashery, cocktail bar
Rome: Haberdashery, cocktail bar (facebook.com)

Haberdashery: environment

Well-kept, modern and elegant, with the counter to occupy almost the entire first room surrounded by small tables and comfortable seats, with another adjacent room used mainly for the restaurant.

Service: Courteous and prepared.

Rating 3,5/5

Knitting, Via di San Nicola de 'Cesarini, 4/5 - Rome. Telephone 347/9714949

Review taken from “Il Saporario - Rome"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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