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The black sheep Rome: Dar Nasone tavern

Rome: Dar Nasone tavern

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Valid neighborhood trattoria that unravels well between the classics of Roman cuisine and other less geographically connoted preparations told on the wall blackboard with the fil-rouge of pure and well-defined flavors. In fact, those who come here do not expect to eat light dishes or dishes with a creative nature, but want to try their hand at substantial preparations made on average well.

Our last experience began with some good meatballs "cor cacio" and with an equally good caciofiore in carrozza served with honey, to continue with impeccable interpretations of carbonara and gricia and with really excellent fettuccine with hare sauce. It went well with the pork leg and the saltimbocca alla romana, as well as with the tiramisu with which we closed the meal, followed by only a decent coffee. Those who want to drink the red of the house, a choice that we do not recommend, can use the nose inside the room from which wine flows, while the others can choose from a limited card, without indication of the vintage and with options of mostly commercial nature.

Rome: Dar Nasone tavern
Rome: Dar Nasone tavern (facebook.com)

Dar Nasone: environment

Simple and welcoming, animated by nice details such as the aforementioned big nose or the word “Auditorium” to indicate the bathroom.

Service: Courteous and easygoing, with the owner who usually sits at the table to take the order.

Rating 3/5

Dar Nasone, Via Fezzan, 24/26 - Rome. Telephone 06/86200250.

Review taken from “Il Saporario - Rome"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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