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The black sheep Rome: Enoteca Pallotti

Rome: Enoteca Pallotti

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Pallotti wine shop: a timeless, old-fashioned wine bar would appear at first glance, immediately struck by the high dark wooden shelves full of bottles that cover all the walls up to the ceiling, by the large counter full of products displayed for sale. Modica chocolate, packs of handmade biscuits, some honey or preserve depending on the period, or still wine. In front of the counter there is space instead of wooden boxes in which the bottles on offer rest, which often change and are offered at really advantageous prices.

Pallotti wine shop
Pallotti Wine Shop - Rome

Pallotti Wine Shop - Rome

Old-fashioned, in the most positive sense of the term, even the welcome given to the customer, the owners, father and son, are discreet in leaving space for patrons to peek among the many labels, as much as they are in offering their advice showing professionally a skill resulting from experience, study and above all passion. There selection of labels it is varied and reasoned, there is rightly an eye on neighborhood customers but also space for current news and trends. It is possible to find bottles of the producers best known to the general public, some even in different vintages as well as some gems for fans, without missing organic or biodynamic labels or those of small producers to be discovered, in any case priced correctly.

Clearly the result of the owners' passion, the remarkable choice of bottles across the Alps in which Burgundy e Champagne they are the masters. There is also a wide choice of spirits, not only good whiskey and rum, but also a variety of grappas, spirits and bitters for all tastes. A breath of modernity is brought by the numerous events and tastings organized for small groups (given the space available) which are always different and interesting, which can be accessed by subscribing to the wine shop newsletter.

Pallotti wine shop, Piazza Menenio Agrippa, 9 Montesacro - Rome

Review taken from “Rome for the Goloso - Le Botteghe"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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