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The black sheep Rome: Panella, the art of bread

Rome: Panella, the art of bread

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Panella: small step forward for this historic oven which now boasts a proposal declined at all hours of the day. If for some types of proposals the prices are in our opinion out of scale - an example above all, the classic "pizza and mortazza" at 35 € / kg - in the early hours of the morning Panella aligns with other cafés in terms of costs, but stands out for the quality of the proposal.

The yeast department is very well stocked, among which we tasted the excellent simple croissant, also available in small size (0,80 €), and the pinwheel with cream and almonds, equally effective. Also good is the coffee proposal created with the vertical development Victoria Arduino choreography: we found the coffee well extracted and persistent, even if very traditional and lacking in complexity; the cappuccino with its silky foam is well done. Those who want to "enrich" the espresso here will find the zabaglione cream, chosen by many customers.

Rome: Panella, the art of bread
Rome: Panella, the art of bread

Panella: environment

It is one of the strong points of the place, with the already described coffee machine that alone is worth the price of the ticket. You eat inside on the long shelf immersed in the gastronomy department or on the outdoor tables: the low ones are served and require a supplement, while the high ones can be freely seated in self service mode.

Services: Numerically well sized, it does not shine out of sympathy.

Rating 4/5

Panella, Via Merulana, 54 Santa Maria Maggiore - Rome. Telephone 06/4872344.

Review taken from “Il Saporario - Rome"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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