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The black sheep Rome: Pantaleo, restaurant and cocktail bar

Rome: Pantaleo, restaurant and cocktail bar

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Born where the headquarters of a publishing house once stood, Pantaleo is a place with a good look and a good list of cocktail. The menu winks at creative cuisine, with dishes such as liquid pizza which, despite the goodness, want to impress more than anything else. On the menu, in fact, there are mainly raw (fish and meat), some second cooked dishes, burgers and tacos, as well as a selection of cheeses and salami and some desserts.

On the drinking front, however, there is an interesting list of well-made cocktails, such as gin fizz with gin, sugar syrup, squeezed lemon and soda, and peperita with mezcal, agave syrup, tomato water, lime, hot pepper and Maldon salt around the glass and tasted by us. We accompanied them with a liquid pizza Napoli, with tomato, oregano and anchovies, bites of red mullet in agropiccante on raw green pepper and ketchup of "Corbarino", where the fish tended to succumb under other strong flavors, and a good turbot studded with pistachio crust and Lariano bread on black garlic and courgette supreme potato coulis, with firm and tasty meats and a good balance on the palate.

Rome: Pantaleo, restaurant and cocktail bar (facebook.com)

The salad of crunchy and non-crispy friggitelli, with cucunci, oregano-scented crumb and buffalo-milk buffalo flour, was less appreciated, where only the vegetable prevailed at the expense of the dairy product present in small quantities. The gazpacho that intrigued us quenches thirst.

Pantaleo: environment

Divided over three floors, it has furnishings with attention to the smallest details: a long social table that runs the entire room on the ground floor, with comfortable high stools similar to small armchairs of purple color, a final counter where the good and nice bar tender performs and tables scattered here and there. The rooms on the lower and upper floors remain more intimate but still pleasant and welcoming. There are often evenings with live music which help to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Service: Courteous and prepared.

Rating: 3 / 5

Pantaleo, Piazza San Pantaleo, 4 Piazza Navona - Rome. Telephone 06/93572514.

Review taken from “Il Saporario - Rome"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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