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The black sheep Rome: Ciao Checca restaurant

Rome: Ciao Checca restaurant

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Hi Checca it represents the prototype of the street food venue that winks not only to tradition, but also to more contemporary sensibilities, both on the culinary and on the "health" front and the so-called "eco-sustainability". So the preparations range from the tasty and traditional pasta and beans to the marinated chicken salad, from the classic and light “pasta alla checca” which gives its name to the Ligurian brandacujon cod, with on average more than convincing results, which over the years have increasingly found their balance. The cooked cooked dishes, which can be eaten on site or taken away, are served in compostable cellulose pulp containers.

To the menu are added some preparations of the day listed on a blackboard. The niche raw materials used are of high quality and can also be purchased: legumes, extra virgin olive oil and confectionery products. Reduced the offer of wines and craft beers, it is certainly more consistent with the spirit of the place to opt for a healthy apple juice or for an excellent centrifugation of fresh fruit and vegetables freshly prepared. Not bad desserts to close: jar of cocoa ricotta or a slice of the pie of the day, for example the classic and enjoyable apple pie.

Rome: Ciao Checca restaurant
Rome: Ciao Checca restaurant

Hi Checca: environment

The restaurant is characterized by shades of white and black, with recycled recycled wood furnishings, beamed ceilings and open kitchen in the main room where there is a counter and some shelves where you can sit on stools. On the back there are three other more intimate rooms, two of which with a large convivial table.

Service: Courteous but a little cold. For order management, a disk is released which lights up when the dish chosen is ready for collection at the counter. The wait for the dishes is not short, oddly even in an empty room.

Rating 3,5/5

Hi Checca, Piazza di Firenze, 25/26 - Rome. Telephone 06/68300368

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