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The black sheep Rome: Saints Sebastian and Valentine, bread and eating

Rome: Saints Sebastian and Valentine, bread and eating

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It quickly established itself as one of the best bakeries in Rome, this bakery opened for over three years on Via Tirso, near the intersection with Via Adda. The offer, however, is not limited only to bread - the evolutionary and the many seeds are excellent - but also includes a proposal for administration declined at different times of the day, probably designed to intercept the needs of local workers (the headquarters of the 'Enel is a stone's throw away).

We, as usual, decided to try it in the early hours of the day, when the showcase that also serves as a counter is full of freshly baked yeasts. And here are the first positive notes: if in past years, in some periods we have found a slight drop in the level of yeasts, with suboptimal cooking and not perfect leavening, for many months now the products have always been impeccable. The advice is to try them all, in several visits: first of all it is pleasant to compare the French croissant with the Italian croissant in the version without stuffing, to note the differences: the second richer due to the presence of more ingredients, the first, however, it is preferred for the gentle, but perceptible contribution of the butter.

The croissant with cream, the pain au chocolat and the radetzky with cream, chopped pistachios and candied ginger are also excellent. Unfortunately not at the stello level the cafeteria corner, as we have been writing for years: not so much for the cappuccino, well frothed and with the right balance of coffee and milk, but unfortunately the basic espresso rests on a mixed blend of Arabica and Robusta, lacking in complexity; moreover, the result is not constant as the necessary changes in the grinding are not made as the humidity of the days changes.

A real shame, because in such a well-kept context, this aspect too deserves the right attention. A 100% Arabica blend of the same roasting is also available, more articulated in the scents but with the same problems of constancy described above.

Rome: Saints Sebastian and Valentine, bread and eating
Rome: Saints Sebastian and Valentine, bread and eating

Saints Sebastiano and Valentino: environment

The first impression it arouses in the patron is a sense of pleasant informality, with the room developed in length which presents the bread display on the left and the oven on the right, and then continues with some tables and a long social table. The equipped external platform protected by umbrellas is able to accommodate 10/15 people who have to pay a surplus of € 0,50 for table service.

Service: Courteous and relaxed, particularly appreciable for those who have time to indulge, less for those who have a hurry in the morning to have breakfast.

Rating 4,5/5

Saints Sebastiano and Valentino, Via Tirso, 107 - Rome. Telephone 06/87568048

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