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The black sheep Rome: Enoteca F.lli Lucantoni

Rome: Enoteca F.lli Lucantoni

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- wine lovers find at theEnoteca F.lli Lucantoni your own Nirvana, lingering among thousands of labels from every suitable area of ​​the world, letting yourself be tempted by the most famous bottles perhaps in stratospheric vintages unavailable elsewhere (at stellar prices, but you could not expect otherwise) or from simpler but very pleasant wines, as well as lesser known but always interesting niche labels, all sold for the other with correct markups. To orientate itself among such quality, the staff makes available all their professionalism, politely providing the help requested, if required, or leaving the patrons free to wander for a while among the shelves in search of what most tickles their imagination and meets their taste.

Rome: Enoteca F.lli Lucantoni
Rome: Enoteca F.lli Lucantoni

Enoteca F.lli Lucantoni: the products

The bottles are sorted by type and geographic origin and in addition to the aforementioned rare bottles that are properly stored in display cases that maintain the right temperature and humidity, the Champagne collection is extremely well stocked, a real boon for lovers of the genre . There are many "special" formats on display, a good amount of magnum, but also 37,5cl bottles, and for those who are not looking for just wine, the selection of fine liqueurs and spirits is not far behind.

There are also bottled craft beers and some good quality gastronomic products including dried pasta, preserves, chocolate in different formats plus traditional desserts of the festivities commanded when it is period. It is possible to taste some of the bottles on sale in the convenient area dedicated to pouring inside but also in the pleasant outdoor terrace, accompanying the glass chosen with a good mixed cutting board. Mini-courses are periodically organized in a few interesting lessons and guided tastings, it is also possible to shop online thanks to a truly complete and accurate website that guarantees a quick delivery of properly packaged products.

It is possible to enjoy a glass of wine both inside and on the terrace of the small but welcoming wine shop.

Enoteca F.lli Lucantoni, Largo di Vigna Stelluti, 33 Vigna Clara - Rome. Telephone 06/3293743.

Review taken from “Rome for the Goloso - Le Botteghe"Of The Black Sheep Publisher.

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