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News preview Rousseau voted, the M5s will race in Emilia and Calabria

Rousseau voted, the M5s will race in Emilia and Calabria

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It happens today:

Still rains and thunderstorms on the North and on the central Tyrrhenian coast. Clouds and some sun on the rest of Italy. Temperatures on the rise • National day for safety in schools • The Nagoya G20 without Di Maio • Congress of the CDU in Leipzig • Those of ArcelorMittal at Palazzo Chigi • Majority summit on the Mes • The autobiography of Umberto Orsini in Genoa • Comes on cd by Mina and Ivano Fossati • Thanks for the dance by Leonard Cohen and theI accept miracles by Tiziano Ferro • The Torino Film Festival opens • The musical about Pinocchio at the Arcimboldi • The Formula E championship in Arabia • Today's Gospel: Jesus drives away the temple merchants.

The members of the Rousseau platform said no to the "electoral pause" requested by Luigi Di Maio for the next regional elections in Emilia Romagna and Calabria. The M5s will therefore participate, on January 26th, in the vote in the two regions. The voters were 27.273 out of 125.018 registered. The Yes were 29,4%, the No 70,6%. Before the closing of the vote, Di Maio himself had admitted that "the Movement is in a moment of difficulty, there is a need to put some things in order". Once the results were made public, he changed his attitude, showed himself enthusiastic and made it known that the M5s will not be allied with anyone: «Very strong mandate, we will participate in the vote with all our strength. In Emilia Romagna and Calabria we will introduce ourselves and the regional parliamentarians and councilors asked me to run alone ». With all due respect to the Democratic Party. Governor candidates will be chosen next week. In Emilia-Romagna it will be shared by the outgoing councilors, in Calabria the most accredited name is that of the teacher Francesco Aiello.
<br>• According to the survey Noto Sondaggi-Ipr per Door to Door with a pentastellato candidate Bonaccini will take 45%, the Northern League candidate Borgonzoni 44% and a pentastellato candidate would have 8% of the consents. If the Five Stars decided to appear in alliance with the center-left side, Bonaccini could count on 52%, Borgonzoni on 46%.
<br>• The general states of the M5s are scheduled for March, a sort of congress in which, among other things, Di Maio's leadership will be called into question. For his succession we think of Alessandro Di Battista
<br>• «The 5 Star militants have dishonored Di Maio and Grillo, and with them the government against nature with the Pd. The doors of the League are open to those who really want change "(Matteo Salvini).

Luigi Di Maio
Luigi Di Maio

Books published by the sociologist Franco Ferrarotti, 93 years old, from 1945 to today: 268. Of which this year: 10 [Facci, tweet].

On the front page
• Rousseau voted against Di Maio: the M5s will show up in Emilia Romagna and Calabria, and will run alone
• Green light from the Cassation at the referendum on the Rosatellum
• On Alitalia, an extension of two or three weeks
• The sensors of the Morandi bridge were sheared in 2015 and never replaced
• International arrest warrant for Monsignor Zanchetta, close to Francesco. He is accused of sexual abuse
• Israel, Netanyahu has been charged with corruption and fraud
• Action is born, the party of Carlo Calenda
• The sardine manifesto: "You will find us everywhere"
• The OECD revises data on the Italian economy upwards
• Moody's lowers the outlook for German banks from stable to negative
• Open Arms rescues 73 migrants off Libya. Some have gunshot wounds
• Maturity changes again: goodbye three envelopes and the theme of history returns
• De Vito returns to the Capitol welcomed by the applause of the M5s
• In Bolivia, procedures have begun to hold new elections
• LVMH raises bid for Tiffany
• FCA will recall approximately 700 thousand SUVs that have electrical problems
• The Cassation confirms the 30-year sentence for Veronica Panarello. When he killed his son Loris he was capable of understanding and wanting. 
• She leaves him, he rapes her with a bunch of friends. Arrested
• Google puts a brake on election advertising
• In Russia, uncomfortable journalists become "foreign agents"
• No more Coldplay tours: they pollute too much
• Balds are bald because of the genetic mutation of a protein
• Balotelli kicked out of Brescia training
• The XNUMX-year-old who massacred his grandmother during a fight in the car
• The 7-year-old girl killed in the church by a stoup
• The former president of the magistrates of the Court of Palermo who threw himself out of his home window.


Francesco Renga is at the Team Theater of Bari, Piero Pelù at the Tuscany Hall of Firenze, Marco Mengoni at the Palazzo dello Sport in Roma, Cristiano Godano at the church of San Pietro di Agrigento, Vinicio Capossela at the Santa Chiara Auditorium Theater a Trento, Daniele Silvestri at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago (Milan), Morgan at the Bocciofila Martesana of Milano, the Premiata Forneria Marconi at the Colosseum Theater in Torino, Manuel Agnelli at the Philharmonic Theater of Verona, Dodi Battaglia at the Duse Theater in Bologna; Massimo Volume are in the Hall of Padova.

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