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News and curiosities from the world Santo Domingo: the Italian Claudia Lepore was raped and killed

Santo Domingo: the Italian Claudia Lepore was raped and killed

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Press review from 17 to 24 January

Claudia Lepore, 59-year-old Modenese, originally from Carpi, was raped, killed and found in a refrigerator three days after her death in Santo Domingo. The woman had lived in the tropical paradise for about 10 years.

In 2009 he started a bed and breakfast with his friend Ilaria Benati, who in these days of absence reported the disappearance of her former business partner. The motive, as stated by the Resto del Carlino of Modena, would be of an economic nature.

Claudia was killed by the Dominican Antonio Lantigua, known as “El Chino”, who was arrested on Friday by the Bavaro district police. The man turned himself in to the police, confessing that he was hired to kill the victim for a fee of 200 pesos, about 3 euros.

The woman was found inside a refrigerator blocked by a ladder, after being gagged and tied up, which is why it is not excluded that she was frozen to death, given the constant changes of version provided by the killer.

Ilaria Benati, the friend who reported the disappearance, is at the center of the local police investigation together with Jacopo Capasso, a Pistoia real estate developer who has lived in Santo Domingo for seven years.

The woman declares her innocence, as does the real estate developer, calling herself "stuck" by the Dominican who allegedly accused her in vain.


Two weeks have passed since the Qixia gold mine exploded in eastern Shandong province. As CNN reports, on January 2 alone, 24 of the 11 Chinese miners trapped 22 meters underground were able to return to light.

The first worker was rescued from the mine at 11.03 local time (6 am Italian) on 24 January, the other 10 were found an hour later.

The other miners were stuck and there is still no news from the explosion on January 10, which also blocked the entrance to the well and communications.

Last week, a miner lost his life from terrible injuries.


On January 23 at 20.36 local time (00.30 in Italy), an earthquake of magnitude 6.9 was recorded in Antarctica, near the Chilean base Eduardo Frei. The base was immediately put on evacuation alert due to tsunami risk.

"We are fine, we did not feel the earthquake. We only noticed it because friends from Italy sent us text messages to get news", Angelo Domesi, technician of the Department of Earth System Sciences and Technologies for the Environment of the Cnr, who is located in the Italian-French scientific station Concordia, in Antarctica, testified to ANSA, after the earthquake that occurred with an epicenter at 15 kilometers deep and epicenter about 210 kilometers east of the Chilean base.


Tse Chi Lop, known to all as "Asian Chapo", considered the oriental version of Pablo Escobar, head of one of the largest Asian drug cartels, The Company, was arrested in Amsterdam by the Dutch police.

The head of a 70 billion dollar empire, wanted around the world, was stopped by the authorities at Schipol airport before boarding a flight to Canada.

The 56-year-old drug king, who fled between Macao, Taiwan and Hong Kong, has escaped for years the Australian authorities, who are now asking for his extradition, has finally been captured.

An impeccable operation that involved the intelligence services of over 20 countries around the world. The Australian federal police hold him responsible for 70% of all illegal drugs entering the country, with particular dedication to methamphetamine.


On January 21 in a market in central Baghdad two suicide bombers blew themselves up, killing 32 people and injuring 110 others. The attack, as reported by the International newspaper, was claimed by the Islamic State group.


Zhou Xianwang has resigned as mayor of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei and the epicenter of the Covid-19 epidemic. This is what the official Beijing media reports. Zhou, just on the eve of the first anniversary of the lockdown, mayor of the city even during the fight against the coronavirus, has only now decided to leave his post.

While the provincial leaders of the Communist Party were completely removed as the pandemic spread, Zhou remained in office even if under the crosshairs.

 "Perhaps Wuhan officials will be nailed by history with the bad reputation of having locked down and shut down the virus within the city, but as long as it helps contain the coronavirus, we are willing to take on any responsibility, including the resignation of the secretary of the city. Wuhan party, Ma Guoqiang, and mine”Zhou said in a long interview with the state network CCTV last January.

Beijing responded by replacing top political leaders except Zhou, who had allowed more than 40.000 people to attend a Lunar New Year meeting in January as the virus was spreading rapidly.

A brutally interrupted assignment with little explanation.

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