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Uncomfortable diary Since there is no electoral competition in sight, let us vent ourselves against the south, ...

Since there is no electoral competition in sight, let us vent ourselves against the south, which deserves it

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We are an inferior race people. It is a reality to which we must now resign ourselves. Not really everyone. The fans of Felt are excluded. The noblest profession that a Neapolitan can aspire to is an abusive valet, the rest of the south is destined, for laziness or incapacity, to unemployment. The revelation is born in Out of the core, maybe also Out of mind. An unwary senator and writer who legitimize any TV show just to appear are threatening unnecessary complaints. The proceedings will end with the acquittal for mental illness of the accused and the civil parties.

While Serie A wants, imprudently, to return to play, the borders of the regions are closed

Citizens are in quarantine, the European Football Cup and the Olympics postponed, all other sports suspended. The FIGC, on the other hand, was unable to resume Serie A and even rescheduled the calendar. It is understandable that Lotito wants to continue at all costs. When will Lazio be close to the Scudetto? He is ready to play behind closed doors, even at night, even two games a day. But the championship is already distorted by the long break, without training. And would De Luca allow Atalanta, which comes from the heart of the infection, to play in Naples?

Put flowers in your cannons, sang Gianni Morandi and the British obey

There must have been 94 barrels, that is, how old the queen was or 68 how many years of her reign. If in doubt, the walls of Buckingham Palace will not shoot at all. Why the coronavirus goes crazy. The elderly sovereign is in quarantine in the great Windsor Castle together with Prince Philip who is 98. Boris Johnson is still recovering. Europe may suspect an aggression in reaction to Brexit. Carlo and Camilla may fear that Harry and Megan are back to be serious. For these reasons it is better to postpone with weapons, even if they are blank, and to play the bagpipes.

I, stupid but wise, not being able to understand science or judge, I just follow the rules

I laugh when I think that sometimes, speaking of football, I pretend to know more of those who practice it and of the technicians themselves. I am not ashamed to admit that, with the same ease, I try also in political discussions. Then, I realize that I don't understand anything there either. Now I see many ignorant people like me on TV debating a virus every day for two months, unknown even to the scientific community. They try to involve me, knowing that I don't understand football or politics, let alone medicine. And they ask me to make judgments about vaccines, treatments and government.

Pharmacists do not earn anything, but then who gets rich at the expense of poor people?

Yet they come in large quantities from China. I remember a stock of 200 million masks that Minister Di Maio went to welcome in Fiumicino, as if he were a high personality of an important foreign state. He believed it was intended for official sale. How did they end up on the black market instead? The sellers make little money, like when they were at 19 cents. Now they are at 2 € 50 and only one pair of disposable gloves 1.50. Who speculates on basic necessities? Why so much severity in the control of self-certifications, while there are those who are authorized to commit a crime under the eyes of all?

They threatened the Director of the Republic with death, the execution was to take place on Thursday 23 April. And so it was

The escort granted by the Interior Ministry was worthless. They killed him anyway. The dignified resignation of Lucia Annunziata is premonitory. Even following the evolution of some journalists, who already turned gabbana on the talk shows, it was clear that an unusual change was coming. Mice are the first to abandon the sinking ship and also the faith. Those who wrote anonymous letters, knowing that precisely that day he would be fired, warned him. Fiat has moved abroad but strengthens its power in Italy. Now the life of Eng De Benedetti is in danger. Heartbreak not for Coronavirus.

Why isn't the state buying the masks directly? Who knows how much the vaccine will make us pay

The import export of Irene Pivetti, former President of the Chamber, in partnership with a Polish company would have imported 15 million masks from China and sold them for € 2 each. The certification was bogus and the material not up to standard. So much so that the prosecutor of Savona seized him. Although the regulation does not allow it and no one else has ever benefited from it, the extraordinary commissioner would have already anticipated 60% of the sum, that is 18 million. If the news is false, apologies are due to Pivetti and Arcuri. If, on the other hand, a kick in the ass is true to both. But immediately.

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