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Social Media and censorship

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Social Media give us joys and sorrows. Millions of Italians are active users, they spend (a few) hours and hours on the keyboard of the PC, they play happily or furiously on their smartphones: they post, share, avenge, propose events, etc ... A part of these uses Social Media to promote their ideas, launching new parties, supporting or biting political leaders and some (increasingly) are censored, banned (account closure), unable to monetize.

The supporters of free thought, free expression, digital democracy, shout the scandal and flaunt the Constitution, only to remain powerless, nailed by the notorious "I accept" which forces them to submit to the Terms and Conditions of Use that they had not read upon registration. But what's going on? How come the young men of Silicon Valley who presented themselves as great bishops of Liberty now enlist cruel "signalers" who watch over "uncomfortable" content and condemn you to silence?

Let's ask 3 essential questions!

  1. Who owns FB, Alphabet / Google / YT, Twitter and Co. on the stock exchange today? And thanks to the shares held, does it exercise the "right to vote" in the shareholders' meetings?
  2. Who does Social Media work for today?
  3. How do they exercise their power over Users?

We go to a site that provides financial information (for example Yahoo! Finance) and we find that:

All the major social media: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ... but also Amazon, Pay Pal, Cisco, Apple, Microsoft and other digital giants including the Chinese Ali Baba, have seen in the last 10 years rise and reach positions of "control ”, Within its shareholding structure on the Stock Exchange, 2 Macro Subjects: Institutional Investors and US / UK based mutual funds.

So "control" escaped the original Founders and today it is up to others. To who? The control has ended up in the hands of the Kings of Asset Management who manage astral figures in the world and who are - thanks to proprietary crosses - one Partner of the other. A dome, an oligarchy, a planetary elite which is the origin and ultimate goal of financial capitalism. People who no longer have millions, or billions of dollars or euros, but only TRILLIONS (trillions).

The top 4 in the world rankings are called: Vanguard, Blackrock called the shadow FED (7 trillion US dollars managed), State Street and Fidelity. To have an order of magnitude, let's say that "the 4 partners together" managed figures ranging between 2019 and 15 trillion dollars in 20 and that this figure is expected to rise to 40 trillion in 2030. At that point it will be equivalent to 1/2 of the entire GDP of the world.

financial capitalism map
Map of financial capitalism

In the ranking that concerns them - to make a comparison - our Generali, with its respectable 1/2 trillion dollars managed, is in 38th place. These 4 Financial Conglomerates invest and try to guide any human activity "placed" on the stock exchange, that is EVERYTHING ... but in the case of Social Media they are particularly present (let's limit ourselves to investments in Facebook and Google):

  • of Facebook - which is worth $ 536 billion on the stock market, ie the equivalent of ALL the 231 Italian companies listed in Milan - the 4 own 30% of the shares;
  • Alphabet / Google - which is worth 817 MLD $ on the stock exchange, that is the equivalent of the IP of Portugal, Denmark and Hungary combined - own 20% of the shares;

They are very heavy control packages able to guide any strategic choice. Basically the 4 decide the company policies. Now let's ask ourselves another key question.

With what money do the Funds operate and buy these shares?

WITH THE SAVINGS OF A PART OF THE INHABITANTS OF THE PLANET, who entrust them to them hoping to have economic advantages. That anyway there are ... all right. Because the 4 are - among other things - very good at producing exchange value and travel at an average of + 10% per year in the last 10 years. Strengthened above all by the financial support of the 4, FB and Alphabet-Google thrive on the stock exchange.

Who is Social Media working for now?

But in the end, who do Social Media work for now? Certainly not for their users who are only a commodity to be exchanged. And here we enter the hot topic. They mainly work for:

  • Funds (Asset Management) that consider social media to be a "market stethoscope" and have focused on the Internet Generation considering it the "mass of humans" who will have to choose in the future how to invest, what to buy and what to vote;
  • US Secret Services (the NSA) to which we provide our Big Data (in accordance with the Patrioct Act - a 2001 US law that requires anyone dealing with Big Data to provide it to the Government to prevent terrorism);
  • Cartel of advertising multinationals and corporations, to which they "rent" our Big Data for targeted campaigns and on whose behalf they post advertisements… Where? Mostly within the User Generated Content themselves.

And here the circle of what ends - which by many analysts - is considered the greatest scam in the history of the planet to the damage of the people. In essence:

  1. With the money of the world's savers ... that is, part of the peoples, the great asset managers who invest (also) in social networks are admirably standing;
  2. With Big Data and User Content (which amounts to 2,5 Bn) ... that is 1/3 of the world population, Social Control is carried out on the same Users and consumption and Lifestyles are organized in favor of the Elites;
  3. At the same time, the lobbyists of the various powers involved prevent the formulation of rules favorable to users and civil society.

And this was only the first phase, which lasted until Brexit and interference in the US elections.


In the current phase - after the well-known scandals and at the behest of Governments - Social media are called to act as Inquisitors / Evaluators of our freedom of thought and expression and to censor - if they want - any form of possible democratic dissent. Basically: in progress all dissidents out of balls! A digital witch hunt that is only just beginning. An icy and occult inquisition that first invited you to freely express your thoughts, has put you in the crosshairs and now sends you to the stake.

Final effect: savers, original owners of Capitals and Users, owners of content and their data, and therefore ideally also co-owners of the Network, are kept in a short chain and treated by digital serfs by a group of dominus (almost always occult). And then you wonder if the democratic debate on the net is reduced to a stadium fan?

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