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Letter from Solid waste ... urban ...

Solid waste ... urban ...

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Garbage, garbage, solid urban or rather urban waste, all get in the way: journalists, scientists, politicians, businessmen, mayors and assessors, especially ordinary people who have nothing to do with management, but who suffer from "bad management" the consequences. Everyone learned the terminology: separate waste collection, thermo-enhancers, landfills, incinerators, Tmb (i.e. mechanical biological treatment), composting, anaerobic digestion, etc. But nobody has understood exactly what it is. Even politicians who should decide and who have been choosing the expensive route of transport across the region if not across the border have understood little. Someone said that to think badly you sin but often you guess it!

A few decades ago the same happened in Naples which became a reason for abandoning tourism, horror for the inhabitants, discredit for the administrations that were eliminated from the electoral body. Then everything was almost resolved, the city regained its splendor, tourism returned en masse, the quality of life became the one of the great capital city that had been before the arrival of Garibaldi and the Piedmontese.

In Rome we are now, so to speak, in the second act of the Neapolitan tragedy which lasted a few years and which risks repeating tragic damage here. The Mayor gets the cleaning of the historic center from the AMA, while for the other neighborhoods, including the one where she lives, silence beyond the hedge.

In profile, the Mayor has an important nose: is it possible that it is only form without substance? That is, I don't smell the nauseating smells that reach up to more than 50 m from the bins surrounded by infinite multicolored bags generally opened by stray animals, by seagulls imported from the sea and now masters of the city, and by mice, the famous Roman mega mice that did not have in the millennia never had the opportunity to feed as now, wild boars permitting.

Rome in the trash
Rome "submerged" by waste

The problems are there, it is useless to deny it: nobody wants a landfill or a waste treatment plant near their home. This applies to the urban suburbs, to the countryside surrounding the city, to the towns of the province and other provinces of Lazio. But the political administrators have been elected to decide, to the region to the municipalities, if they do not make it, in a serious country there is the institution of the resignation, before, as reported by the Order of doctors, from so much filth comes to the defenseless population some dramatic epidemic. 

Finally the AMA and its variable leadership: it is not worth mentioning, because it would not change the substance and basically only a small minority of Romans know them. Certainly, in the current municipal council of directors and managers, many have changed: they accepted the assignment, literally stopping their noses, receiving a generous salary and after a while they fled, voluntarily or for dismissal, taking away an equally lavish liquidation. In their curriculum they will be able to insert (but they will not) a note on their well-paid managerial incapacity, without shame.

In this July of atrocious heat and fierce miasmas that pervade the city, the President of the Region ordered the AMA to clean the city in seven days, that is to do its duty that has not been done for years. After seven days the city will be as before or almost because, moreover, the provision is ordinatory and not peremptory, that is, without penalty in case of default. It will be said that it is not known where to go to unload the trucks loaded with garbage and therefore it will not be possible to make further collections. As always for years.

This time, however, we are beyond the limit. Enough with incapable leaders and inadequate politicians: not only the Region, but also the Government on several occasions has noted the dramatic unmanaged situation. In recent years we have trusted politicians from multiple parties and parties, to Roman and non-Roman managers and leaders with amazing resumes, we have only made failures! Perhaps all that remains is to resort to the armed forces? 

Not a General or a Colonel of the Army or of the Carabinieri or of the Guardia di Finanza, that is not a single one: it would not be useful. It would take many, senior officers and selected troops located in every sector and place of the waste system! But in this case the garbage road could open the way to a different system which unfortunately many hope!

The Roman problem is not migrants or at least it is not only them, someone in the government should understand it.           

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