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Natural Theater A little wine to cure anxiety and depression

A little wine to cure anxiety and depression

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American researchers from the University of Buffalo conducted an experiment with the use of laboratory guinea pigs by subjecting them to stressful conditions for a long time and thus causing the activation of an excessive production of the hormone corticosterone in their body.

For this reason, the PDE4 ferment accumulated in their brains, which leads to depression and anxiety. Depressed rodents showed all the behavioral symptoms related to these conditions.

The researchers then added resveratrol to the feed. The substance caused a reduction in the PDE4 ferment, leading to an improvement in the mental condition of the mice, while the level of depression and anxiety decreased significantly.

The authors of the research assume that resveratrol can be an effective alternative to chemical preparations to treat depression and anxiety disorders, it can act as an antidepressant and help patients on whom common medications have no effect.

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